Grimgotts full album stream premiere Wednesday December 9 2020, 12:00 AM
Grimgotts full album stream premiere

"Are you ready to dive into an adventure? Look no further than Dragons Of The Ages and other quests from the brave warriors that are GRIMGOTTS." --

Fans of Rhapsody of Fire, Dragonforce, Sonata Artica, and Alestorm will be signing up to set sail with London symphonic power metal band Grimgotts. Originally formed in 2015 as a Harry Potter parody outfit, Grimgotts has since graduated into their own original fantasy realm: the mythical land of Andria. 
And now the latest installment of Andrian tales is about to come to light. The band will release their EP Legends on December 11th, 2020, the third in a trilogy of EPs. Preceded by Tales and Sagas, the three works will be released together as a full album in 2021.

Having supported the German power metal band Victorius and Australian folk metallers Lagerstein, and with a killer discography that's only growing, Grimgotts is on their way to taking over the Andrian oceans -- if not planting their flag on the European power metal scene. 

Opening with "The Boys of Boone," a rousing, Celtic-inspired tune, Grimgotts pulls listeners in right away. "Land of Tomorrow" follows the boys onto the raging sea, featuring Chris Simpson of Forlorn Hope on lead vocals. These pirates reach a turning point on the forlorn penultimate track "The Edge of the World." Final song "Kinsman" contemplates the fate of Andria, with a guitar solo by Will Kerr of Battle Born and a keyboard solo by Marco Garau of Derdian and Magic Opera.

As Carl Fischer of puts it, "May those UK metal pirates continue to invade our minds and enhance our senses with their imposing and symphonic music for many years to come, always fighting for glory, for freedom and for metal!"

Preorder Legends here:

 Andy Barton - Vocals
 David Hills - Guitars
 Fabio Garau - Keys
 Nelson Moreira - Bass
 Mo Abdelgadir - Drums

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