Rockshots Records Signs CARAVELLUS For New Album "Inter Mundos" Out June 2022 Thursday March 17 2022, 2:15 PM
Rockshots Records Signs CARAVELLUS For New Album "Inter Mundos" Out June 2022

Rockshots Records   is proud to announce the signing of Brazil's CARAVELLUS for the release of their third studio album   "Inter Mundos"   on June 17, 2022.

CARAVELLUS   brings the technical sophistication of progressive power metal while transcending the genre by writing amazing songs with masterful musicality and Brazilian cultural roots. Their arrangements and song structures are highly technical, challenging instrumental work with unbelievable melodic vocal harmonies. With elements of thundering metal, rock, jazz, classical, Brazilian folk rhythms, solos plus unstoppable guitar shredding and intense keyboards,   CARAVELLUS   emerges as a new bastion of Brazilian progressive metal.

CARAVELLUS   was originally formed in 2002 by virtuous guitar player Glauber Oliveira as a studio project with session musicians. After the first demo recordings (2002 - 2004), the line-up was completed to include Daniel Felix on keyboards, Charles Erlan on drums, Paula Araújo on vocals, and Pedro Lee on bass guitar.

In 2007, CARAVELLUS released their debut album "LIGHTHOUSE AND SHED" via Erpland Records. After its release, the band parted ways with Pedro Lee, Charles Erlan, and Paula Araújo.

Beginning a new course with new members and new ideas, Raphael Dantas (vocals), Cleison Johann (bass), and Pedro Nunes (drums) were recruited towards the end of 2007 in December.

CARAVELLUS ' second album "KNOWLEDGE MACHINE" was released in 2010 by French label Metalodic Records. The sophomore full-length provided   CARAVELLUS   with a series of tours and important concerts as a support for bands Angra and Shaman.

Fast forward to 2018,   CARAVELLUS   began the process of writing and producing   "INTER MUNDOS" . Deepening their Brazilian roots (such as maracatu, ciranda, frevo, caboclinho, coco de roda) combined with heavy metal, progressive rock, and jazz, the band's present lineup consisting of Glauber Oliveira (Guitar), and Daniel Felix (Keyboards), Leandro Caçoilo (Vocals), Emerson Dácio (Bass) and Rafael Ferreira (Drums) have created a conceptual, technical and dense album.

Band founder Glauber Oliveira adds:

"The new CARAVELLUS album is the result of the musical maturation and refinement of the artistic mission established by this band. Culturally… If Brazil were a river, the northeast region of Brazil would be its source of this river."

"INTER MUNDOS"   is a concept album telling a love story between characters Arteiro and Aurora. The story takes place in the northeast of Brazil, in an unnamed village... with no precise location. It's a kind of mythical place where the plot brings up universal issues, such as class conflict, corruption, religious intolerance, life, and death. The entire plot is steeped in a metaphysical atmosphere, where reality and fantasy merge seamlessly.

The album also features guests from Angra, Shaman, Sons of Apollo, and more to be revealed at a later date.

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Glauber Oliveira - Guitars
Leandro Caçoilo - Vocals
Daniel Felix - Keyboards
Rafael Ferreira - Drums
Emerson Dácio - Bass

For more info: caravellusofficial

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