Noisecult - Seraphic Wizard - Reviewed By extrememetalmaniacblog! Wednesday March 16 2022, 8:22 PM
Noisecult - Seraphic Wizard - Reviewed By extrememetalmaniacblog!

Noisecult - Seraphic Wizard - Reviewed By extrememetalmaniacblog ! Check it out here at this link:

This release came in under the pretense of being stoner rock. I was like cool, pass the bong I think I'm Ozzy. Then after hearing a couple of songs I was like forget the bong, pass me the Jim Beam. So NOISECULT is a four piece act that hails from Nashville, Tennessee. I've got a younger brother who lives there. I sent him a message asking about this band. 

But anyways after a few listens I really like this band. I can imagine em pulling up to a club, all four band members on Harleys followed by a pick up truck with a Uhaul trailer full of their equipment. Yeah there needs to be a video of that. I mean look at these guys. 

The audience of some out of the way club, like one I worked at years ago, would think oh cool they're gonna be Southern Rock but instead it's Southern SABBATH. And yeah it's that and also a cool dose of 80's metal. NOISECULT can do the whole SAB 4 thing well but add some MAIDEN-esque touches on a cut or two. 

For me it's what this band does not do which is what I like. I know that sounds crazy (it might be the Jim Beam) but bare with me. The guitarist has a Iomni style but is not a copycat. The vocals come off as whiskey soaked. The rhythm section is total Master of Reality in sync. Yeah in the end this is damm good. - extrememetalmaniacblog

Release Date: January 21, 2022

FFO: Black Sabbath, Motorhead, High on Fire, Orange Goblin

Location: Nashville, TN

Heavy rock band from Nashville, TN , often categorized as 70's stoner metal like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, High on Fire and Orange Goblin . Formed 2003 by guitarist Don Carr , rounded out by bassist Sean Kay , vocalist Mike Liffick , and drummer Patrick Nickell . They've performed with Corrosion of Conformity, Iron Maiden ’s Ex-vocalist Paul Di’Anno , FEAR, Trouble, Overkill and Mondo Generator among others. Noisecult is signed to Metal Assault Records out of Los Angeles .

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