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VULNIFICUS - INVOCATION - Reviewed By THE KILLCHAIN ! Check it out here at this link:

Review by Sandre the Giant

I reviewed the debut EP from VULNIFICUS, last year’s ‘Innomination’, not that long ago (here in fact) and was very impressed by the band’s brutality and craft, as well as their more obscure influences. Not a group to hang around, their new EP ‘Invocation’ is on the way soon and is looking to be more of that same quality.

‘The Viral Virus’ opens with a little of that Blut Aus Nord eerieness that ‘Innomination’ played with, while a woman’s voice decrying drugs and social media is interrupted by a massive, chunky death metal attack. Plying a guttural furrow, the frenzied guitar work switches between unholy chug and thrashing monstrosity while gurgling vocals belch fumes of death. ‘Coerced into Compliance’ is a good example of how I wanted a little more clarity in production from their last release; while the music is still oppressively dense and brutal it feels a little crisper in execution. You’ll experience some of the lowest vocal gutturals you may ever hear on this track, but my favourite piece here is the roiling churn of ‘Instruments of Indiscrimination’. It’s an instrumental piece but has so much going on; a little Gorguts, a little Immolation, maybe even some Devourment? That bass line is real nice.

It is only now I realise that all the tracks are alliterative and wonder if it’s on purpose…? Anyway, ‘Instigated Indignation’ is a furious rampage of pure brutality, while closer ‘The Incredulous Invocation’ combines that same Axis of Perdition type sinister ambience and slam death metal maelstorm that drew me in in the first place. VULNIFICUS fulfil the promise of their demo, and take it up a notch on ‘Invocation’. Let’s hope this upward trend continues in the future, because I am very much ready for it. - THE KILLCHAIN

Release Date: June 10, 2022

FFO: Deeds of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Mortician

Location: USA

Short Bio:  VULNIFICUS is a dynamic duo surfacing the roots of brutal death metal from the United States. Formed in the fall of 2021 by W. Sherels - All Instruments (Urotherapy, Epidermolysis) and E.Browne - Vocals (Abolishing the Ignominious), VULNIFICUS attempts to push death metal back to its extreme limits with their debut "INNOMINATION", released November 26, 2021. INNOMINATION was recorded, mixed and mastered at Demolition Studios by W. Sherels with additional recording/mixing of vocals by E. Browne at BWNTWN STN.  Drawing comparisons to old Cannibal Corpse, Condemned, Defeated Sanity, Mortician and others, VULNIFICUS signed a deal with New Standard Elite and shortly released their debut single "Induced Rampage". After the overwhelming feedback of "INNOMINATION", VULNIFICUS began to record the follow up to their debut EP the very next month, titled "INVOCATION". Completed at Demolition Studios again, VULNIFICUS blast, grind and shred their way with 5 tracks of audio devastation blending influences from the past and present. Scheduled to release June 2022. 

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