New Promo: Rabbit Trail - Self Titled - (Punk, Post Rock, Sludge, Folk) Thursday March 10 2022, 6:25 PM
New Promo: Rabbit Trail - Self Titled - (Punk, Post Rock, Sludge, Folk)

Release Date: 03/18/2022

FFO: Social Distortion, Ministry, Doom metal.

Location: St Cloud, FL & Tempe, AZ

Rabbit Trail is a two-piece project from Arizona musicians Clint Listing (album reviewer for The Doorway To Zine) and Gage Lovett.  A duo that loves folk, post-rock, metal, sludge, noise, and experimental sounds, Rabbit Trail is not afraid to combine disparate elements.  From the somber acoustic "From A Scene" to the rasped industrial metal of "New Electro Metal", to the shimmering 80s alt of "Visual Hope", (and those are just the first three tracks) the duo jumps from genre-to-genre in a way most bands wouldn't dare.

Seriously, this album goes from somber acoustic, to Social Distortionesque 90s rock, to fuzzy doom, to industrial, and back.  There's some serious multiple-personality-disorder happening here.  It's weird.  And fits Lawnmowerjetpack Records roster perfectly.

In keeping with LMJP's lo-fi bedroom aesthetic, Rabbit Trail's self-titled first release is a personal window into the lives of its creators.

Note: Rabbit Trail is LMJP's first non-Charlie signing!

Clint Listing (Kadaver Listing, The Slumbering, Magni, Until The Sky Dies, As All Die, Long Winter's Stare) vocals, rhythm guitar, drum programming.
Gage Lovett (PM People) electric guitar, bass, drums, engineering.


S/T (Full length, 3/18/22)
First run limited to 25 CD digipacks.
Available on Bandcamp.

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