CHUGGA RITUAL - In Trance​-​Lah - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM! Tuesday March 8 2022, 1:32 PM
CHUGGA RITUAL - In Trance​-​Lah - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM!

CHUGGA RITUAL - In Trance​-​Lah - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM ! Check it out here at this link:

Other releases of the band: At Chugga Ritual it is their third split, plus six singles and EP's, two demos and a compilation and a collaboration.

Cryo Inferno have their second split at the start and also a single and demo.

To the other bands I could not find any exact information.

On which label releases: You released the split yourself.

How did I get to know the band: Also here the Metal Devastation Radio came to me and at the Split, especially if the father is represented with his project on a split with the band of his three sons, let's go!

How do I find the disc: Chugga Ritual have already inspired me with NECROMANCER NOMBOR EKOR. Raging thrash with various styles that were somehow beaten up and in such a way that it sounds really cool: I'm there immediately. On HOLIDAY IN JONESTONPURA I recognize an almost panteraeskem groove as well as a classic surf guitar and the vocals here are reminiscent of System of a Down. I never thought I'd have to think of Pantera, Dick Dale and his Deltones and System of a Down during the same track.

TWO COLORS by Cryo Inferno, on the other hand, looks more unpolished but also a little harder. Here it is a matter of taste what you find better, so decide for yourself.

For Necrolestes I only have the description Extreme Metal. In principle, it could be anything. The song is definitely awesome, despite the quite Corigen Breakdows.

Blues Metal, is there such a thing? It may be a bit too hard for Rock. If that hasn't existed before, then Sungei Seletar Blues Experience invented it. ANAK SUNGAI sounds interesting, even if I don't quite know what to do with it.

With THE MONKEY MONKEY GAME by Munky Pants, I'm not quite sure about the genre. It has something of post punk, maybe alternative metal as well. It's not bad, but not my taste.

With a complete album of Orkes Biar Batik I would probably have stopped the review or written it really devastatingly. I'm sorry, but I find the fiddling really cruel. If you want to do it to yourself, the song is called TENANG TENANG SAJA.

Conclusion: An extremely mixed split. I don't need two songs, with one I'm at a loss as to what to do with it, but I like to listen to the rest. Here you can also listen: - FULL METAL MAYHEM

Release Date: December 18, 2021

FFO: Soulfly, Pig Destroyer, Confess

Location: Singapore

CHUGGA RITUAL, the one-man extreme music project of Bo Skullbanger, returns with In Trance-lah, an album to celebrate 30 years of his journey in writing, recording and playing distortion guitar music since 1991 with Fractured Skull, Manifest and Urbankarma. In Trance-lah, which was released online on last December 18th, 2021, is a 10-song album that features 5 songs from Chugga Ritual and from Cryo Inferno, Necrolestes, Sungei Seleter Blues Experience, Munky Pants and Orkes Biar Batik. Munky Pants is the band of Skullbanger’s three sons.  The Chugga Ritual segment of the album sees a greater experimentation with Skullbanger fusing swing jazz beats, surf rock guitar stylings, D n B drum sounds and black metal riffs to the signature Chugga Ritual low tuning heavy distortion chuggery. In Trance-lah is now available on all streaming platforms.

Chugga Ritual is an extreme music project from Singapore since 2008. The project is inspired by 2005 Roadrunner United All Stars project of various captains working with different musicians for different songs. Over the years, Bo Skullbanger has collaborated with known Singapore musicians such as Addy Rasidi, Kathiresan of Rudra and Khalid Mobin Of Rusty Blade. Skullbanger also has collaborated with Marc Rizzo, former lead guitar player of Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy

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