PERDITION TEMPLE reveal first track from new special HELLS HEADBANGERS full-length Tuesday March 1 2022, 11:08 AM
PERDITION TEMPLE reveal first track from new special HELLS HEADBANGERS full-length

Today, death metal barbarians   Perdition Temple   reveal the new track   "Redemption Abattoir."   The track is   the first to be revealed   from the band's special new full-length,   Merciless Upheaval , set to be released on CD and cassette tape in June by   Hells Headbangers ; the vinyl version will follow later this year. Hear   Perdition Temple 's "Redemption Abattoir" in its entirety   HERE   at   Hells Headbangers ' official YouTube channel.

In 2020,   Perdition Temple  blasted back into the spotlight with  Sacraments of Descension , the band's second album for   Hells Headbangers   (and third overall). While it had been five years since the release of a   Perdition Temple  full-length, the reinvigorated lineup - vocalist/guitarist Gene Palubicki (Angelcorpse,   Malefic Throne ,   Blasphemic Cruelty ), bassist Alex Blume (Ares Kingdom,   Blasphemic Cruelty ), and drummer Ron Parmer (Malevolent Creation, Bloodmessiah, Brutality) - kept their trademark sound but made it unfathomably more feverish and finessed. Truly, power-trios didn't come more deadly than this! But, above all, the band's songwriting across  Sacraments of Descension  was stronger than ever, and the record rightfully reaped widespread acclaim.

Meanwhile, as the world plummeted further into chaos,   Perdition Temple  recorded a special full-length,  Merciless Upheaval . Comprising four new songs and four covers for a total of 34 fiery minutes,  Merciless Upheaval  is indeed aptly titled and serves as a fitting, equally feverish counterpart to  Sacraments of Descension . Much of that is down to the same lineup being in place, as iron-fisted as ever as they effortlessly unleash cyclones of classic death metal. Each member delivers a masterclass here, much as they did on the record's predecessor; their crush is chaotic and controlled simultaneously, their precision betraying no small amount of power. Of the four covers, we're treated to   Perdition Temple 'd renditions of Infernal Majesty, Pestilence, Mexico's Shub Niggurath, and of course Morbid Angel, making for an album-length experience which handily straddles past, present, and future.

Perdition Temple  thankfully continue to keep their irons in the fire, so plunge into  Merciless  Upheaval  post- haste!

Begin plunging with the brand-new track "Redemption Abattoir"   HERE   at   Hells Headbangers ' official YouTube channel. Release date, cover, and tracklisting for   Merciless Upheaval   to be announced shortly. For more info, consult the links below.


"When you need metal, go to hell!" 

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