SHARON OSBOURNE Wakes Up 'Afraid' Under PRESIDENT TRUMP, Says She Believes STORMY DANIELS! Tuesday April 10 2018, 4:43 AM

Sharon Osbourne says that she wakes up "afraid" knowing that Donald Trump is the U.S. president, explaining that she doesn't "feel secure that everything will be smooth and people are in control of what they should be in control of."

Ozzy's wife and manager, who holds dual American and British citizenship, got to know Trump when she worked with him on "The Celebrity Apprentice", a reality show featuring A-list to mid-level celebrities battling it out to win money for their favorite charities.

During a appearance on "Larry King Now", the show hosted by legendary 84-year-old newscaster Larry King, Sharon was asked what she makes of what she is seeing in Washington. "Oh my Lord," she responded (see video below). "It's kind of fearful. I know a lot of my friends are fearful. We kind of wake up every day and go, 'What's gonna happen now?' You don't feel secure that everything will be smooth and people are in control of what they should be in control of and running it professionally. For me, I wake up afraid of what on earth is gonna happen. Who is [Trump] gonna insult today? And someone is gonna get crazed at him, and it's all gonna set off."

Asked what she thinks about Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims she had sex with Trump once in 2006 and was paid $130,000 by Trump's personal attorney days before the 2016 presidential election as part of a nondisclosure agreement, Sharon said: "I really do feel she's telling the truth because why would somebody hand over a hundred and thirty grand if there was no foundation, if there was nothing to it. You just go, 'Go away, lady,' and, 'We'll see you in court.' If she was pressurizing them for money — 'cause we don't know — if it was her pressurizing them to say, 'I'm gonna sell my story unless you give [the money] to me,' you say, 'See you in court.' But I just think it's… For me, it doesn't bother me, 'cause he didn't do it when he was in office; it was way before — if he did do it.'

According to Sharon, the one person who is most likely to be hurt by Stormy's allegations is Trump's wife, Melania. "That's the person who should be bothered, not us," she said. "It's, like, 'Hey, you have to live with him. We don't.'"

Sharon said last fall that she "never thought for one minute" that Trump would win the U.S. presidency, believing instead that the real estate mogul's White House run was really meant to boost his business success. "I just thought that he was building his name worldwide," she told SiriusXM's "Jim Norton & Sam Roberts" show. "So it would be bigger in the Arab Emirate countries and bigger in Russia and China, because he's running for president, so it was good for his business overall. So I thought, 'Oh, Lord, there's gonna be Trump hotels around the world now, because it's good for the brand.' And I never thought for one minute that he would win — never."

Asked what her personal experience was like working alongside Trump, Sharon told "Jim Norton & Sam Roberts": "To be honest with you, he was always very, very nice to me, and so was his wife; she was lovely. I felt really, really bad for her from day one, because she didn't sign up for this. She signed up for Trump hotel, and she didn't sign up for the First Lady. And some people are uncomfortable with leading such an open life and public speaking and things like that; it's not their thing. So it's very hard for her. And I think that with knowing that your husband is disliked, as well as adored by some people, but so many people dislike him, it's gotta be hard on her."

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, Sharon called Trump "disgusting" and "completely insane." She also told Conan O'Brien that she "would be terrified" if Trump were actually elected president, "because he's a narcissist," she said. "He just is — he knows that about himself.... And if somebody disagrees with him, he doesn't take it well. And to think that this man would have his hand on that button — can you imagine? He's got such a quick, fiery temper."

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