ADLER'S BROTHER SLAMS GUNS N' ROSES Thursday April 5 2018, 4:45 AM

Steven Adler's brother has blasted the drummer's onetime GUNS N' ROSES bandmates as "greedy, selfish people" with "no heart."

Steven, who played with GN'R from 1985 to 1990, was famously kicked out of the band for his rampant drug use. And although he's made a few guest appearances with Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan on the "Not In This Lifetime" reunion tour, he wasn't invited to return to the group full time.

Jamie Adler paid tribute to his brother on a GUNS N' ROSES Facebook group, writing: "This man right here is what you call a true survivor. He went all the way to the depths of hell and was able to make it back alive. When most died he lived. What an amazing story of redemption my brother has to tell."

Calling Steven the "greatest big brother/grooviest drummer I've ever known," Jamie added: "If only Slash, Axl and Duff had 10% of the heart this man had then maybe he would be on tour with GN'R. If those guys had an ounce of decency, compassion, love, care and acceptance, maybe they would have allowed my brother to play more than one song in Argentina after they flew him all the way out there and TEASED him to only play one song. ONE SONG ONLY!!

"The only thing the fans wanna see is Adler back behind the kit especially since the world knows Adler is no longer on drugs or alcohol.

"It took him longer to drive down the hill from his house to the bottom then he was allowed to perform on stage in Argentina. What kind of inhumane people would ever be that cruel to someone?? Greedy, selfish people only."

Jamie went on to credit his brother with making it possible for GUNS N' ROSES to write and record its classic debut LP, 1987's "Appetite For Destruction".

"Without Steven Adler, there would never have been GN'R or the greatest rock album of all time," Jamie wrote. "Adler did teach Slash his first guitar chord and gave him his first guitar. For all we know, if Slash never met Adler, he may have never even found the guitar.

"People forget too often where they come from. Let's remind Slash right now how he picked up even being the greatest guitar player of our generation. Steven Adler handing you your first guitar. Facts!!

"Adler's groove made that album what it is today. That's why no other drummer since Adler has been able to duplicate that sound in GN'R. It's a gift from God not any drum lesson can teach you what he was born with."

Jamie then explained why Steven recently revived his ADLER'S APPETITE band, with whom he is about to embark on a tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Appetite For Destruction".

"[Axl, Slash and Duff] have no heart, so that's why [Steven] has to go out and do his own thing. He loves his fans so much and he wants to play for each and everyone of you.

"Do you actually think Steven Adler got sober and changed his entire lifestyle to sit around the house and do nothing? NOPE!! He did it so he can finish what he started.

"My brother is stronger then ever and will show the world once again this May when he begins his worldwide tour with his own band.

"You would think the guys in GN'R would be overly proud that their once-fallen brother has returned to health and happiness and would want to share their newfound success with him this time around. Well, my brother is alive and well, so it's never too late.

"I write this because I see a lot of fans making comments on why is Adler doing his own thing and not with GN'R.

"Please ask GN'R that Adler would love to be back on stage with GN'R. That's his dream. He's never been healthier and more alive as you see in all his pics.

"For those who struggle with addiction and life issues, my brother is an example and inspiration that you can turn your life around and live a life beyond your wildest imagination. If he can clean up, then it proves anyone can.

"I send all my love and respect to all who read this and love it or those who may disagree with what I said. I felt it was necessary to get this off my chest.

"GN'R is and always will be the greatest five-piece rock 'n' roll band of my generation. I'm just grateful I was a little part of it.

"My brother is alive and well today and I want the whole world to know this."

In February 2017, Steven Adler revealed to podcaster Mitch Lafon that he was originally supposed to appear at more than just a handful of shows on the GUNS N' ROSES reunion trek. He claimed that he expected to play all the "Appetite For Destruction" material during the entire tour, only to be told he was out after he hurt his back during rehearsals.

Adler appeared with GUNS onstage in November 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as on three separate occasions during the U.S. leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour in the summer of 2016.

This marked Adler's first appearance with the group since 1990, although he performed with members of the band at their 2012 induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Speculation was rampant that Adler would participate in at least a portion of the reunion tour ever since GUNS made it official in January 2016. The regular GUNS drummer for several years has been Frank Ferrer, who is also part of the current lineup.

Steven is currently working on a new book called "Steven Adler: The Shit My Friends Remember I Did".

He described the book on "The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show", saying: "Now that I'm sober, I'm talking to people and they're telling me stories, and it's just blank up there [in my head]; there's nothing there. So I decided I'm gonna put a book together [as a] reminder of the stories."

Adler started a web site called Steven Adler Stories where fans can share their personal tales about the drummer for possible inclusion in the book.

GUNS N' ROSES will return in June for a seven-week European jaunt, but the band's plans until then, and beyond that, remain unknown for now. The three core members have not given a single interview together.

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