Multi-National Metal Band MIRROR to Release 'The Day Bastard Leaders Die' in April on Cruz Del Sur Music Wednesday February 16 2022, 5:13 PM
Multi-National Metal Band MIRROR to Release 'The Day Bastard Leaders Die' in April on Cruz Del Sur Music

Multi-national metallers Mirror return with The Day Bastard Leaders Die, nine stirring, melody-driven numbers that catch the true spirit of NWOBHM and 70s proto-rock! The album will be released on CD, vinyl, and digital formats April 22 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

On The Day Bastard Leaders Die, Mirror wields the mighty sword of unbreakable true metal laced with spirit, speed and heaviness across nine songs of sheer triumph!

The 2015 creation of Greek multi-instrumentalist, former Electric Wizard and current Satan’s Wrath bassist Tas (full name: Tasos Danazoglou), Mirror was formed to faithfully pay homage and reinvigorate the long, worn body of classic heavy metal. Their eponymous 2015 debut featured the likes of in-demand producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Cathedral, Ghost, Paradise Lost) on drums and underground mainstay Matt Olivo (Repulsion) on guitar alongside vocalist Jimmy Mavrommatis and Stamos Koliousis on guitar. That lineup soon gave way to new guitarist Nikolas “Sprits” Moutafis and drummer Daniel Georgiou, who, alongside Tas and Mavrommatis, released the resplendent and firebrand Pyramid of Terror in 2019. With a new record contract in hand with Cruz Del Sur Music, Mirror has emerged even more energized and out for blood with their third studio album, The Day Bastard Leaders Die. 

In lockstep with the hallowed sounds of NWOBHM and 1970s proto-rock, Mirror has buckled down on The Day Bastard Leaders Die for songs that are heavier and faster than anything the band has done before. Behind Mavrommatis’s multi-tiered vocal escapades and fervent melodic joyrides, the album’s nine cuts are coated with a sharp, angular degree of songwriting, where twists and turns abound at every corner. Through it all, though, Mirror continually keeps the focus on the unyielding spirit of true metal. Whether it’s the barn-burning opener “Infernal Deceiver,” the fist-banging “Souls of Megiddo,” the raw, raucous, gutter-ready “All Streets Are Evil,” the up-tempo “Sleepy Eyes of Death” and the exploratory, near-progressive title track, Mirror has unleashed an album that brims with purpose and might. 

Recorded in Athens, Greece, with producer/engineer Costa Costopoulous, The Day Bastard Leaders Die is every bit the authentic, rousing album that metal die-hards flock to. It’s ultimately a reminder that metal’s future is often rooted in the past. On The Day Bastard Leaders Die, Mirror set out to drive that point home once and for all.  

Track Listing:

1. Infernal Deceiver
2. Souls of Megiddo
3. Savage Tales
4. All Streets Are Evil
5. Fire and Hell
6. Stand Fight Victory
7. Sleepy Eyes of Death
8. Demon Candles
9. The Day Bastard Leaders Die

Jimmy Mavrommatis – Vocals 
Nikolas "Sprits" Moutafis – Guitar
Dino – Guitar
Tas – Bass
Daniel Georgiou – Drums

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