Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Webzine! Monday February 14 2022, 5:15 PM
Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Webzine!

Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - Reviewed By Heavy Metal Webzine ! Check it out here at this link:

" Lost " , "falling", "paradise", "forever". Changing the order of the addenda, what then happens to the result? The Fall Is Eternal. Eternal and inevitable. A forced, all-encompassing collapse. The well-deserved fall in spite of a hoped-for slip. Suspended on the immanent and then ruined. Blessed be that floor, that dark friend on which to flounder with exhaustion, on which to live the eternal nightmare, to be flooded with the opaque tears of a life. The unworkable quiescence, the floor becomes empty and is only a void in which to perpetuate the fall, to die in the silence of silent words, the prospect of a black painted of ourselves. A painting that Forever Falling grab with the favor of their nails and synthesize on the anguished and black silhouette, but here discarded, of Shape Of Despair.

The quick brushstrokes of tragic epicness of the aforementioned baronets, in "I Will Never Sleep" and "To Die In Silence", and of empty black à la Anathema, in "Only Emptiness", serve only as a further, generic framing of an album that could, listening on listening [maybe from the stereo, not from a vile .mp3 on computers like us poor people], rise a little from the average in a hypothetical ranking of modern works of the genre. With the inspiration of the suggestive cover and the attractive introductory sketch that is "Bless This Floor", the most savvy gallerists consider themselves in the game.

It is a young record company with a promising name, the Morning Star Heathens, to have presented in society the even younger transoceanic duo. As for us, although we have little confidence in telecollaborations and even less in the fact that the tools on Suspended Over The Immanent are real, we can only observe the continuation of the fall absorbed. - Heavy Metal Webzine

Release Date: November 27

FFO: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun

Forever Falling is a Death Doom Metal band that was formed in 2020. With members based in the USA and Italy. Heavily influenced by Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Swallow the Sun.

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Track Listing:
1. Bless This Floor
2. Dark Friend
3. Nightmare
4. My Tears My Life
5. I Will Never Sleep
6. Only Emptiness
7. To Die In Silence
8. Dark Painting of the I

John Suffering (Chalice of Suffering / Solemn Echoes) - Vocals
Tullio Carleo (Voyage Noir) - Drums / Guitars / Bass / Keyboards



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