Fetus Aftermath - Aftermath - featured At BATHORY ́zine! Friday February 11 2022, 5:49 PM
Fetus Aftermath - Aftermath - featured At BATHORY ́zine!

Fetus Aftermath - Aftermath - featured At BATHORY ́zine ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.bathoryzine.com/2022/02/fetus-aftermath-aftermath-thrash-metal.html

Release Date: January 13, 2022

FFO: Slayer, S.O.D, Exciter

Location: Ottawa, Canada

From Ottawa Metal '80s - '90s by Randy Chase.
"When I was 15-16, one of my first "bands" was the kind where you've got a band logo drawn before you even have a song. We were called Assassin--just me on drums and Darcy on guitar. He was the first guitarist I ever knew who played real METAL guitar. Impressed the hell out of me. We jammed only a few times, and that was all for Assassin. All that remains is the logo (in a box somewhere). Darcy Rawlins went on to form Fetus Aftermath in 1991. By the end of the 1990s, his band released two demo tapes (1994, 1995) and an album called 'Everything Disgusting And Vile' (1999). Here's a track from the first Fetus Aftermath demo: http://goo.gl/ZZ1ACY. And a later (but still young) photo of Darcy from the Fetus Aftermath MySpace page ( https://myspace.com/fetusaftermath/). -- RC"

“We never had the grander look of things, or else we wouldn’t have called the band what it was,” said Darcy Rawlins of his band, Fetus Aftermath, on a recent radio interview with CKCU’s ‘Meltdown.’ Love it or hate it, he added, you’ll remember it. After befriending Disciples of Power during their stay in Ottawa around 1990, Darcy and Sean McArthur followed them back to Edmonton, where Fetus Aftermath was, uh, born in 1991. Returning to Ottawa, Darcy found guitarist Ray Fortier, who in turn recruited his drummer friend, Frank. A nice bonus about Frank was that he already had a rehearsal space in the CHEZ-106 building (126 York St.) --- the mecca of the thrash and death metal scene in Ottawa at the time. In 1994, Fetus Aftermath recorded a demo at Rock’s Wonderland, just around the corner from CHEZ. The three-song cassette, called ‘The Alter’, was sold in Ottawa at Record Runner, but also distributed in other cities, with a clever distribution tracking technique: white labels for Ottawa, green for Montreal and red for Toronto. You can stream the full 1994 demo on YouTube [https://bit.ly/2D9L39i] or download it directly from F.A.'s old Angelfire (!!) website: https://bit.ly/2RxoQLm According to their 2018 Meltdown interview, Fetus Aftermath had previously been to CKCU for an interview in 1994, to promote their demo. The band was drunk and a bit unruly, apparently; a real handful for the host: “We probably gave him a heart attack,” says Darcy in the recent sober and gentlemanly interview with Dmitri on Feb. 19th last year.

You can listen to the full Fetus Aftermath interview, with music and talk about the old Ottawa metal scene of the ‘90s, here: https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/56/36355.html.

All three songs on the 1994 demo were re-recorded for their 1999 CD album on Withdrawl Records, ‘Everything Disgusting And Vile.’ The 1999 line-up of Fetus Aftermath has reunited and will likely re- appear on the Ottawa scene in 2019 

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Fetus Aftermath has just finished recording 3 new songs with Topon Das of Fuck The Facts and Glen Drover of Megadeth . The first single is the song "Aftermath" out now on iTunes and Spotify and YouTube. The band is now working on playing live this year and putting together a cd of demo tracks from 2003 and the new songs recorded this past year.

Darcy Rawlins: Guitar, Vocals, Leads
Greg Madore: Bass
Frank Seguin: Drums

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