SAXON and Zach Moonshine Interviewed By Metal Mayhem ROC Podcast! Wednesday February 9 2022, 5:39 PM
SAXON and Zach Moonshine Interviewed By Metal Mayhem ROC Podcast!

SAXON and Zach Moonshine Interviewed By Metal Mayhem ROC Podcast !

On this week’s show Vernomatic welcomes SAXON drummer Nigel Glockler on to discuss the brand-new CD Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).

It’s the bands 23rd studio album and early indications from the first couple singles have the band in top form in this post pandemic metal landscape.

Nigel shares the roots of the writing process, how the relationship with producer Andy Sneaps has matured over the years and the touring plans for 2022.

The two also take a long walk down heavy metal memory lane with seldom shared stories and antidotes of SAXON in the 80's.

Vernomatic also profiles Metal Devastation Radio CEO Zach Moonshine.

Moonshine parleyed a passion for heavy metal and broadcasting into one of the top Internet Radio /PR media outlets in the industry.

Jon” The Vernomatic” Verno -Host of Metal Mayhem ROC Podcast.

Interesting talking points:

15:00 Nigel comments on working arrangement with Andy Sneap

23:00 How band puts together set list and what to play in different countries. etc.

26:00 Nigel comments on young kids going to the shows, being up front, singing along to all the songs. It has left an impact on the band.

28:00 You Tube Rabbit you. Discusses the platform as a prom tool for their videos and comments on seeking out his first concert he attended (Grand funk as a three piece & Humble pie with Peter Frampton) and finding video footage of THAT show on YT.

29:35- shares the story of in 1981, before he was in SAXON, he had tix to the Denim and Leather tour in his home town. As it turned out, Drummer Pete Gill had to be replaced, Nigel got the gig. Had 3 days to rehearse and made his debut AT THAT VERY GIG that he had tix for.

2 weeks later made his album debut on the live album the eagle has Landed.

35:00- Nigel shares awesome story of recording when they recorded the ROCK THE NATION album IN 1986.The record company put them in a bad spot. The band was forced to WRITE AND RECORD THE ENTIRE ALBUM 10 DAYS. As it turns out ELTON JOHN and his band were recording in the same studio/ building. Elton’s band would hang out with SAXON and they became friends. ELTON ended up wheeling his piano into studio and played on couple songs on the ROCK THE NATIONS album

40:00- comments on if SAXON had stayed on the entire 1983 IRON MAIDEN -PIECE OF MIND TOUR ten SAXON would have exploded in the US. They were had momentum from the WHEELSOF STEEL, STRONG ARM OF THE LAW< DENIM AND LEATHER studio albums. They were crushing it on the power and the glory tour as direct support for Maiden, but for some reason management took them off that tour.

Finally, he shares fun RUSH memories. 

Thank you! 

Jon “ The Vernomatic” Verno

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