Heavy Metal Magazine Launching Its NFT Collection Tuesday February 8 2022, 8:15 AM
Heavy Metal Magazine Launching Its NFT Collection

Heavy Metal Magazine isn't the first publication to release an NFT collection. A relationship with Curio, a top NFT platform for prominent personalities in.....


So far, the journey of blockchain popularity and use cases of the blockchain technology across many fields have been driven by the high performance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. Checking back on time, investors and crypto traders buy Dogecoin , Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., to gain some profit, but these days we have bigger blockchain-related items that can help us earn some money.

Recently, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become one of the added options for investments and trading in the crypto niche with 2021 being a stepping stone for the advantages of the ownership technology in NFTs to be realized by many. Most of the success of NFTs has revolved around the NFT arts, with Beeple's Everyday collection marking a huge sale of around $69,000. Statistically, the NFT market has witnessed over $15Billion invested, with a CryptoPunks NFT selling for over $500million. The NFT niche is still in its infancy, looking so promising, many would say, but with the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs in sales today, the future seems to be unfolding already. Still, in the trends of NFTs, Heavy Metal magazine plans to launch its NFT collections. People will be able to buy it with cryptocurrency or fiat money too.


Heavy Metal Magazine, founded by Leonard Mogel and originally published on April 17, 1977, is an American science fiction magazine. Heavy Metal Magazine is only 40 years old and still going strong. The journal is noted for its bold covers and a mix of science fiction and explicit content. With the support of prominent individuals such as Joseph Illidge, the Editor in Chief, and David Erwin, the Publisher, the Heavy Metal Magazine's heritage has been preserved. In an interview with Screenrant in 2020, the CEO of the magazine stated, "The most important thing for us is to respect and pay tribute to that which Heavy Metal is and how this has progressed to this point, while also looking for a new generation of creators, stories, and genres who can truly usher Heavy Metal into the next era. If that is what we think about as a guiding arm, it makes it very plain, not easy, but extremely clear, how to decide things, because everything is founded on that ethos ". 

This publication has withstood the test of time and is still active in both the magazine world and, more recently, NFTs. This may have been owing to the company's principles, as seen by David Erwin's emphasis on the phrase "Relevance" during the interview. According to him, relevancy is working with subjects that people can relate to. 


Heavy Metal Magazine isn't the first publication to release an NFT collection. A relationship with Curio, a top NFT platform for prominent personalities in entertainment, was one of the magazine's early NFT launches. The Heavy Metal: Cover-Series Collection was the name of the NFT collection. "Heavy Metal values itself on forging ahead in the entertainment arena, and our maiden step further into NFT marketplace showed our fans are enthusiastic in taking this trip with us," Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney stated following the debut. Collaborating with Curio's like-minded talent, who are dedicated to bringing fans together through new platforms, has paid off handsomely. We're enthusiastic to see what we can accomplish with our latest collection and to experiment with new methods to communicate with fans, as well as to keep evolving to the various ways our consumers and others interact with media."

With over $600,000 in sales, Heavy Metal Magazine is the 5th largest artist inventor on the crypto.com NFT marketplace. Crypto.com NFT marketplace was founded in March of 2021 and has since become one of the most well-known NFT exchanges in the globe. To further explore the NFT industry, the magazine has stated that it will be releasing NFT objects that symbolize the characters and tales covered in its magazine. Heavy Metal Magazine chose to issue a new NFT collection titled "Writing with the Legends" on the crypto.com NFT marketplace on February 4, 2021. "This initiative we will do with Crypto.com NFT is truly revolutionary, a true collaboration between design professionals and imaginative enthusiasts, putting the enthusiasts of fiction with Heavy Metal's best to generate fresh, original articles for everyone to enjoy," said Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine. 

The introduction of these NFT collections has provided several benefits to its owners. On a specific date, holders of NFT tokens will gain access to a special channel on Heavy Metal's Discord server. Furthermore, two of the five stories would be centered on Heavy Metal's "Taarna" and "Cold Dead War," with the remaining three being new originals, one fiction, one gothic, and one sci-fi. Each story's illustrator will be selected by the holders. Following the completion of the story, fans will vote on their top five favorite characters.

The characters will become profile picture project (PFP) NFTs, and each token would be airdropped to each collector holder that will own the totality of the commercial rights. 


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