Martyr - Planet Metalhead - Reviewed By Novedades Metal! Monday January 31 2022, 12:29 PM
Martyr - Planet Metalhead - Reviewed By Novedades Metal!

Martyr - Planet Metalhead - Reviewed By Novedades Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

Heavy/Speed/Power Metal band from the Netherlands. They formed in 1982 having in their discography several albums and demos. The work in question has a total of ten compositions and its members are the following: Rick Bouwman (Guitar), Rop van Haren (Vocals), Geoffrey Maas (Guitar), Vinnie Wassink (Bass) and Rick Valcon (Drums).

"Raise You Horns, Unite" a piano from the beginning and a vocal melody of a child, until the instruments enter with their leading voice modulating and a guitar riff, of those that we love so much. Fast bases, guitars that tear you apart with each note, a singer who has the ideal vocal timbre for the compositions of this musical style, accompanied by more aggressive choirs. The duels of guitars in the solos are great, giving us arrangements to two violas and to this we must add the good taste and feeling in the execution of them. By the end, the piano becomes present once again. "Demon Hammer" with another amazing guitar riff, excellent vocal melody with several aggressive highs. Bases of fast guitars, with different arrangements to two violas, there are also vocal backing vocals, a lot of double bass drum, some arpeggios with acoustic guitar solos and some bass arrangements that make a big difference. After half of the composition there are some very good and heavier changes of rhythm, where the drummer shines and the choirs take more presence and for the end again the acoustic viola. "Children Of The Night" with a start in the best Annihilator style, arrangements to two very worked violas, at times riding bases, a lot of double bass drum, and an impeccable vocal work. At times the arrangements also remind me of Maiden. The viola bases really shatter the head, honestly I have to stand up and applaud the guitarists because their work is majestic. "Fire Of Rebellions" a short story in the beginning, heavy bases and many guitar arrangements to two violas, a brave voice, some treble and a very particular chorus. The viola solos are more worked in two voices, an excellent composition. "No Times For Goodbyes" arpeggios, bass arrangements, a vocal melody that varies between low and softer tonalities. A guitar solo that is enjoyed with each note, with the distortion the base takes some intensity, and then go back down, as I said before the solo is enjoyed with each note, mainly with the arrangements to two violas. A slow composition full of power and a lot of passion. Fast "Metal Overdrive", with excellent guitar bases, backing vocals accompanying the lead vocals. After a few brief words, the viola bases change and become heavier, to move on to a solo of that instrument, fast and very pleasant. "La Diabla" following the line of fast composition, the vocal melodies do not stop flowing, the guitar solos are full of good taste, speed and passion, several arrangements of the different instruments, double bass drum to full, good choirs and melodies to two violas, for the end, some Gregorian chants. "Diary Of A Sinner" very elaborate guitar bases with their arrangements to two violas, good vocal treble, double bass drum applied at the right times, powerful cuts and a good guitar solo. "Church Of Steel" initial arpeggios with the bass marking the tonality very present. The voice at first seems mocking and is dispatched with an excellent treble, so that the intensity of the bases takes over everything. Excellent vocal melody as well as that of the guitars that play them on two violas. Something that captivated me from this band that I did not know, is the performance of their guitarists in all the compositions, returning to the current song, it has a good guitar solo and choirs that support the singer. An excellent song. "Wings In A Darkened Soul" we reach the end of the album, with arpeggios in its beginning and a great work of the bass, the vocalist modulates with very pleasant tonalities and shows us that he is super versatile and that he can sing whatever he wants. Choirs and pleasant melodies, a great success to end the album in this way, calm and passionate.

Awesome band, I recommend it 100%. - Novedades Metal

Release Date: February 24, 2022

FFO: Judas Preist, Iron Maiden, Helloween

Location: The Netherlands


Martyr is a heavy / speed / power metal band from Utrecht / The Netherlands that exists since 1982. During their career, a few demo cassettes were released as well as a number of long players. The general public first became acquainted with Martyr in 1984 when Roadrunner Records released the ' Dutch Steel ' compilation album.

Martyr's contribution to this release entitled ' Snow And Fire ' is still a highlight on the band's setlist today. In 1985 their song ' En Masse (Stand Or Die) ' appeared on the notorious ' Metal Massacre VI ' album from the legendary U.S.A. based ' Metal Blade ' record label. Both releases gained interest from metalheads from all over the world.

The debut mini album ' For The Universe ', which was released the same year, nowadays is considered a genuine heavy metal classic. The well-known website ' Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives ' states: "Martyr's songwriting is vastly superior to most of its competitors".

Its successor ' Darkness At Time's Edge ' (1986) made Martyr's fanbase grow larger and larger and the band gigged and performed all over Europe. Martyr even was aired on MTV's 'Headbangers Ball' show.

After a few years however the band members decided to go separate ways and explore other musical directions in acts such as Medallion, Mindscape, Syrenade, Vangouw, Hot Legs and Wild Ride .

Needless to say, Martyr went on hiatus for a while... The flame however never flickered out and reignited around 2005 when they were asked to reunite to play old school metal festivals such as Heavy Maniacs Fest , Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air .

After the very successful reunion shows Martyr was back on track which resulted in the ' Fear The Universe ' compilation (2009, Rusty Cage Records ) and their highly anticipated comeback album ' Circle Of 8 ' on Metal Blade Records in 2011.

In 2014, Martyr was featured on the ' Dutch Steel (80's Metal From The Netherlands) ' compilation and their sophomore " after reunion " studio album ' You Are Next ' was released in 2016 by Into The Limelight Records .

The group frequently performs home and abroad, as a headliner or as a support act such as Manilla Road , Lizzy Borden, Saxon, Iced Earth and Trivium . The absolute highlights in Martyr's career so far have been three tours in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Their performance at the sold out 2019 edition of the legendary True Thrash Fest in Osaka was recorded and released on their most recent output ' Live In Japan ' which was released worldwide through Pt78 Records (The Netherlands) in co-operation with Rock Stakk Records (Japan). The album contains songs from their career-spanning back catalogue.

Martyr is releasing their new full-length on 24 February 2022. The 3 previously released songs ' No Time For Goodbyes', 'Fire Of Rebellions' and ' Raise Your Horns, Unite !' already showed an excellent performance beforehand. With 2 online listening sessions in December 2021 the band got confirmation that this material was the best thing Martyr has ever produced and it will be the next step forward. All songs are written by MARTYR, produced, mixed and mastered by drummer Rick Valcon at RA Recordings and are of excellent production quality. The new artwork is created by Wasi Kendedes .

"Planet Metalhead" will prove Martyr is still a force to be reckoned with.

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Rick Bouwman - Guitars

Rop van Haren - Vocals

Geoffrey Maas - Guitars

Vinnie Wassink - Bass

Rick Valcon - Drums

Management / Record label Martyr

Harm Kindt - Manager

Koen Bakker - Manager

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