Cassius King release lyric video for new single Bad Man Down Thursday January 20 2022, 5:07 PM
Cassius King release lyric video for new single Bad Man Down

Last summer Cassius King (Jason McMaster vocals, Dan Lorenzo guitars, Ron Lipnicki drums and Jimmy Schulman bass) released
their debut album Field Trip on California's Nomad Eel Records. 
A mere 6 month's later and Cassius King grace us with a brand new single and lyric video for easily their catchiest song yet; Bad Man Down. Guitarist Dan Lorenzo co-wrote the single with Jason McMaster. 
"I remember how long it took me to write the music to the first two Hades albums in the 80s. I literally had no music left after each album. Songwriting started to get much easier for me when I started Non-Fiction in the summer of '89, but it's never been this easy." Lorenzo said. "I'm not doing this for the money, but it's as fun or more fun than it 
ever was honestly. "
When asked what the lyrics to Bad Man Down mean, McMaster said, 

"This takes me to a place where we don't have much control. We can get cozy and feel good, because we did it all 'safe', and politically correct, etc....but, you cannot stop the bus just because you pull the chain. I am not a young man anymore, I am not trying to be, so these things we do to try and live longer, healthy diet, etc..they work, but still...the bus won't stop. Bullets fly by that were not meant for you.... your doctor misses' things in your visits, next thing you know.... This lyric is about who's 'round the corner. I have tried make friends with him, and the black cat crossing my path."
Cassius King plan to release 10 new songs (plus you can always expect a fun cover song or two) later this year Nomad Eel in America-MDD Records Europe.  The world is in a very strange place right now, but it's hard to 
keep these bad men down. Jay Bones from Space Based made the video.
Watch the video at:

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