Helldrifter – Announce Igor Montes Alvarez As New Bass Player Wednesday January 5 2022, 10:00 AM
Helldrifter – Announce Igor Montes Alvarez As New Bass Player

Helldrifter has announced on their official website, Igor Montes Alvarez as their new bass player replacing Adam Wiechowski who left the band in the last year.
Igor Montes Alvarez has swinged the axe on many Hardcore and Rock'n'Roll bands in southern Germany.

The Bands statement:
''First, we would like to thank our past member Adam for his work and dedication in Helldrifter the last 2 years. We have accomplished a lot, and we wish him all the best! A new chapter for Helldrifter has been opened.
We are very excited to announce Igor Montes Alvarez as our new Helldrifter Family member! Not only is he an amazing musician but a great persona as well!
We have an amazing atmosphere in the band and the decision to have him join us was very easy! Let's see what else 2022 has to offer, we hope for more shows, metal and good vibes for all.''

The Death Metal Band had an explosive start with their debut record: Lord of Damnation, landing a song on Spotify's 2021 DEATH METAL Playlist and a digital distribution deal with Nuclear Blast's Blood Blast Distribution.

Listen to the opening track, Feed The Fire:

For fans of:
Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Death and At The Gates.


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