Sentient Ruin Issues Chilean Black/Death Metal Legion's Light-Devouring Debut MLP - Track Premiered At Decibel Magazine. Tuesday January 4 2022, 9:52 AM
Sentient Ruin Issues Chilean Black/Death Metal Legion's Light-Devouring Debut MLP - Track Premiered At Decibel Magazine.

We’re proud to announce our allegiance with Chilean abhorrent black/death metal cataclysm  Chaos Perversion  as we ready the imminent release of their debut offering  "Petrified Against the Emanation"  10” vinyl MLP, digital and cassette tape formats. A CD version will also be made available via Mexican label  Total Death .

The self-titled track from the MLP has been unveiled by  Decibel Magazine , who in presenting the track explained that  "Petrified Against the Emanation"  is  “a swirling amalgam of black and death metal that turns the instruments into a sonic force. The music is executed with a combination of precision and savagery that creates a vile atmosphere; if most death metal lives underground, then Chaos Perversion’s music lives in the darkest recesses of a sewer or in a remote cave.“ . You can checkout their feature  HERE .

Chaos Perversion emanate from the underworld of the glorious South American extreme metal scene with an aural declaration of war aimed straight at humanity like a hell-forged arsenal of complete mass destruction. Loyal and adherent to the tradition and reputation of the legendary and often far too overlooked Chilean black/death and speed metal cult, Chaos Perversion throw the entirely of their negativity and darkened vision into a nineteen-minute debut offering of feral and primal aural darkness worshipping the omnipotence and majesty of total chaos and inevitability. Originally circulated independently only locally in their scene back in 2019, the duo's debut EP  "Petrified Against the Emanation"  is now presented via Sentient Ruin and Total Death for global audiences as a limited edition vinyl 10", digital product. cassette tape and CD with a new master, brand new graphic layout and new cover art by famed dark tattoo artist  Nekronikon  (AKA Daniel Corcuera). The posthumously unearthed release introduces the Chilean legion to western/northern hemisphere audiences as a new lethal spearhead of their scene, joining the ranks of compatriot entities like Wrathprayer, Force of Darkness, and Invincible Force as ulterior fuel to the revered and undying dark flame of Chilean aural desecrating cults. Far from being however just a mere product of their scene, throughout Chaos Perversion's scorched hell-scape echoes of adjacent South American legendary cults like  Sarcófago Mystifier  and early  Sepultura  reverberate throughout while the presence of European atrocities like  Pseudogod  and  Grave Miasma  reek from its wretched spires like a baneful presence signaling omens and premonitions of unseen black/death ritualism and disarray.

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