6 Essential Reasons to Play the Ukulele Wednesday December 29 2021, 9:31 AM
6 Essential Reasons to Play the Ukulele

No one can deny the ukulele's allure. Its upbeat tone has helped it make a reappearance in recent years, and you've probably heard it used in popular songs on the radio, with musicians like Ingrid Michaelson, Joni Mitchell, Eddie Vedder, and Paul McCartney of the Beatles using it in their performances.

The ukulele is an excellent instrument to learn, even if you're a guitar player seeking a change of pace or if you've not played any instrument before. But what exactly is a ukulele? Continue reading to learn more.

Ukulele definition

The ukulele is a string instrument that belongs to the lute family. It usually has four strings, but it may also have six or eight strings. Ukuleles are typically constructed of wood; however, some have been built from plastic and other materials. The ukulele is an essential instrument that can generate lovely music that is loved all around the globe. Anyone who has heard George Michael's exquisite mix of last Christmas chords would undoubtedly agree.

Reasons to play the ukulele.

  • It's Simple to Understand

The ukulele is more straightforward to master than the guitar or other stringed instruments such as the mandolin. Its light nylon strings are kinder on your fingers than guitar strings. Since the notes are reached without extending, the compact size decreases wrist stress. It also has four cords, making it simpler to master.

  • It is reasonably priced.

Purchasing a ukulele will not strain your budget in the same way that purchasing other instruments would. A new ukulele can be purchased for under $100, and there are many body sizes to meet your requirements and budget, so you don't have to worry about it becoming destroyed.

  • It makes for a good time.

The ukulele is a charming instrument since it is not scary and can be handled by anyone, irrespective of their age. Its upbeat, joyous tone makes it a pleasure to play and accessible to anyone.

  • They just sound fantastic.

The uke has a rich, pleasant tone that will put a happy face on those around you. It's a great pick-me-up whether you're alone in your bedroom or at a party with pals.

  • Songs that are easily adapted to the ukulele

Most popular songs in various genres can be played on the ukulele (yes, even metal). One may simplify even songs with intricate chord progressions for the ukulele due to the instrument's four strings.

  • Guitar Technique is Transferable to the Uke

Guitarists may easily swap between the ukulele and the guitar. The scales and chord shapes you mastered on the guitar may be utilized on the ukulele; the names are only different. Chordify has music samples with chords for both the guitar and the ukulele that one can compare.


The ukulele has been linked with some of the more unique and quirky performers, such as Tiny Tim, but many mainstream artists have also used it. The ukulele is now mostly linked with traditional and Hawaiian music. It is a valuable instrument since it is cheap, tiny, lightweight, and portable.

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