Sa(n)tanic black metal christmas adventure is here! Wednesday December 22 2021, 10:26 AM
Sa(n)tanic black metal christmas adventure is here!

Experience burning gingerbread churches, black metal carols and a whole lot of Finnish christmas spirit in this YouTube four episode miniseries that follows the adventures of Juggoth and Jarmageddon, two christmas loving extreme metal buddies.

When a precious christmas decoration gets lost, Juggoth and Jarmageddon end up in the greatest adventure of their lives as they find a doorway to a strange world behind their fridge. On their journey they meet grandparents, strange elves, snowman demon from hell and a plum jam creature.

As everyone might not be fluent in northern mystic language (Finnish), all four episodes are available with English subtitles.

Episode 1/4:

Episode 2/4:

Episode 3/4:

Episode: 4/4:

Hop on Santa’s sleigh with Juggoth and Jarmageddon and learn the real reason for the season!

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