POLYCHUCK - SCARRED - Featured At Arrepio Producoes! Tuesday December 21 2021, 12:00 AM
POLYCHUCK - SCARRED - Featured At Arrepio Producoes!

POLYCHUCK - SCARRED - Featured At Arrepio Producoes ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.arrepioproducoes.com.br/noticias/?n=YSLtrAioHE

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021

FFO: Bring me the horizon, Jeris Johnson , Dream Theater

Location: Montreal, Canada

Few modern-day popular music artists are as all-genre encompassing as Polychuck. A great guitar shredder since the age of only 13, Montreal artist Polychuck is now an innovative and ever-maturing singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and high-profile guitar coach who's ready to take the rock world by storm with multiple singles and his new EP, ‘Shadows Exposed.’ With roots firmly planted in his hometown's rock and metal scenes while possessing a musical curiosity matching his unbridled talent, Polychuck has sincerely embraced a wide variety of genres ranging from extreme metal to electro-pop, with ventures in alternative rock, urban trap beats, synth pop and folk. Polychuck's fascinating musical and personal journey is chronicled in singles such as "Nailed to the X", a celebration of the artist's straight edge lifestyle hailed by numerous blogs, including B-Sides and Badlands. Now going back to his rock and metal roots with brand new singles "In The Dark" and "Exposure", Polychuck aims to take his music to a whole new level and leave an undeniable, lasting, mark of his own in the realm of rock music. The multi-talented Polychuck played, produced, recorded and mastered everything that you hear on the EP, and has amassed an impressive arsenal of instruments that he utilized – a Suhr Modern (desert gradient finish) on all tracks (solos), Guerilla 7 string hand built in Canada (dark cyan finish) on "In the Dark," or his LTD EC-1000 (white) on all tracks except "In the Dark.” Additionally, Polychuck has been training in MMA and Muay Thai for 4 years. He has never competed in major pro level fights, but he does participate in some underground (so-called "smokers") fights. These fights are not officially legalized, but rather in a grey zone. Polychuck also teaches guitar professionally, including to some established players in established bands. With most modern artists sounding quite one-dimensional, predictable, and same-sounding as their competition, the hard-to-pin-down Polychuck is a most welcome arrival on the music scene, as heard throughout ‘Shadows Exposed.’

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