New Promo: Seagull Intervention - Forlorn - (Deathcore) Monday December 20 2021, 10:22 AM
New Promo: Seagull Intervention - Forlorn - (Deathcore)

Release Date: November 26, 2021

FFO: Veil of Maya, Structures,  Spiritbox , Molotov Solution

Location: International

Short bio: Seagull Intervention is a 2-man Russian American deathcore/mathcore project, formed in 2021. Some may call it an unstructured deathcore since their tracks don't have clear structure and the listener simply doesn't know what comes next. They are in the process of releasing their first EP "White Hole Abduction", which will consist of 5-6 tracks. Tracks are planned to be released every 2 months. The debut track "Forlorn" was released on 27th of November on all major streaming platforms. New release is planned for the 1st half of January 2022.

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