PUTRID OFFAL - Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues - Reviewed At White Room Reviews! Friday December 17 2021, 2:38 PM
PUTRID OFFAL - Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues - Reviewed At White Room Reviews!

PUTRID OFFAL - Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues - Reviewed At White Room Reviews ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.whiteroomreviews.nl/reviews/cd-reviews/putrid-offal-premature-necropsy-the-carnage-continues-remastered/

The new release is a nod in terms of title towards the first long player. It is called Mate Necropsy. However, anyone who has experienced the band in the early years knows that a split EP was also released under the name Premature Necropsy. These tracks are equipped with a new master and range from 'Purulent Cold' to 'Outro'. That also means that the thirty-eight-second 'Symptom' can also be enjoyed again.

When the tracks of Premature Necropsy have been finished, it is the turn of the songs that originally appeared on the split EP Obscurum Per Obscurius. As a result, 'Mortary Garland' is in two releases on this release. Because the tracks from the very first demo, Unformed,have also been added, this also applies to 'Rotted Flesh' and 'Purulent Cold'.

The fans have been warned, because this cult band has a must-have for the fan with this release. No overdose has been produced on both vinyl and cassette, so if you want to get hold of Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues [Remastered] with Putrid Offals, one has to act quickly. - White Room Reviews

Release Date: December 10, 2021

FFO: Carcass, Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Regurgitate

Location: France

Established as a heavyweight ever since its debut split MLP with EXULCERATION in 1991, PUTRID OFFAL has always been a one-of-a-kind Death / Grind band mixing, for example, Gregorian chants in their unadulterated proto-Goregrind but it's only after 2015 (comeback) debut full-length "Mature Necropsy" the band finally got the recognition they deserved.

Compiling all of their '90s discography (1991 demo and split 7" w/ Agathocles, 1991 split 12" w/ Exculceration and 1992 six-way "Obscurum per obscurius"), "Premature Necropsy" got first released on CD in 2015 too through now defunct KAOTOXIN Records and it was about time it sees the light of the day on Vinyl and cassette (specifically remastered for the occasion) to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary.

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