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Top 5 Metal Albums of All Times

Top 5 Metal Albums of All Times

Metal is one of the most popular music genres with diverse sub-genres. With hundreds of metal albums out there, many excellent metal songs are still unheard by metal fans. With such a huge collection, narrowing down the options to top 5metal albums can be a challenge and might disappoint numerous fans. 

The albums mentioned below have changed the lives of many metal heads and motivated them through hardships in life. These albums come under the umbrella of non-copyright music ,  which means you can legally use them for your various projects. So, if you are searching for a list of songs to play in your next underground battle, the following can be your jam songs:

  • Master of Puppets by Metallica (1986)

Undoubtedly, Master of Puppets is one of the greatest metal albums ever released. Listen to any song on this album and you will understand how hard Metallica worked on this masterpiece. The album with well-written lyrics covers wide-ranging political and personal topics. The melody, heavy riffs, and complex guitar solo blends create a euphoric feeling. What’s more, the drums and wicked bass lines will put you in trance.

  • Touched by the Crimson King by Demons & Wizards (2005)

This album is a tribute to Sci-Fi movies such as The Wizard of Oz and Lord of the Rings. The acoustic melodies and bone-crushing riffs by Schaffer are fantastic. Lead vocalist, Kürsch gave incredible vocals in every song in this album. When it comes to beautiful guitar solos and outstanding vocals, Beneath These Waves is arguably the best song, while Wicked Witch, Seize the Day, and Crimson King are also fantastic.

  • Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath (1980)

Who hasn’t heard the revolutionary song Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath ? In this album, Ronnie James Dio gave incredible raw vocals. If you analyze the catchy bass lines, drum timing, and lovely guitar riffs, you would agree that this is one of the best metal albums of all time. Songs such as Neon Knights and Heaven and Hell leave an everlasting impression that metalheads won’t forget.

  • Images and Words by Dream Theater (1992)

Dream Theater is a talented band with a command over every instrument. Every musician in the band adds fresh elements to the music. Their guitar solos and extraordinary keyboard perfectly blend with the drum and bass combo. Listen to their Waiting for Sleep, Pull me Under, and Under a Glass Moon and you will realize why people love this band to this day. 

  • Dirt by Alice in Chains (1992)

Sure, Alice in Chains is a hard rock band from the 90s, but they also released some heavy metal songs. Released in 1992, their Dirt album featured songs like Rooster, Would, Bones, and Angry Chair , which are still popular among metal heads. Undoubtedly, the Dirt album by Alice in Chains is a masterpiece in the heavy metal genre. Jerry Cantrell was amazing during sustained solos and simple riffs. They introduced a new guitar tone with a huge amount of distortion to create a heavier sound. The way they mixed the songs is magnificent and the dark and haunting vocal style oft Layne Staley fit the lyrics perfectly.

Have you heard all of the metal albums mentioned in this list? If not, then you should listen to them straight away. Since these songs were sung and played by some of the greatest musicians of all time, you can learn a lot from these songs. If you are wondering from where you can download these songs, then a royalty-free platform such as Artlist would be the perfect source to download non-copy-right music.

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