Blastomycosis - Covered In Flies And Afterbirth - Review Saturday January 21 2017, 3:02 PM
Blastomycosis - Covered In Flies And Afterbirth - Review

Blastomycosis Covered In Flies and Afterbirth Ok if you like Dying Fetus you are going to masturbate vigorously to the blast beats of this brutal fucking shit until your genitalia is bleeding profusely! Make no doubt this album is crushing from start to finish but it has the grooves mixed in as well, definitely good driving music if you plan on running over pedestrians grand theft auto style on a rampage from hell. Song titles like Cream of Rotting Cunt, Blood Soaked Fetus Fornication and Claw Hammer Hysterectomy give you an idea of what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to learn this band includes a female vocalist! Just give it a listen, you will not be disappointed! I give it a 7/10 Zach Moonshine and Metal Devastation Radio

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