OTARGOS - Fleshborer Soulflayer - Reviewed By HardMusicBase! Monday November 29 2021, 6:00 PM
OTARGOS - Fleshborer Soulflayer - Reviewed By HardMusicBase!

OTARGOS - Fleshborer Soulflayer - Reviewed By HardMusicBase ! Check it out here at this link: https://hardmusicbase.cz/index.php?stranka=recenze_vypis&id=87274&m=1

I have already mentioned several times that the French black metal scene is a bit of a state within a state. For its distinctive nature, it is above all black metal scenes and they even have a specialist in publishing local original bands in France, quite famous. But we will not talk about him this time. On the other hand, the French label XenoKorp specializes in publishing death grind affairs, yet for this time it made an exception confirming the rule and the album "Fleshborer Soulflayer", the local OTARGOS, was thrown out on the unsathful light of God. However, in the case of this creature, one cannot speak of a kind of purebredness. They are the French horde, and you can see it in their blazing darkness. Of course, that their work would not show the symptoms of frostbite of Nordic evil, so it can not be said either. They are a kind of bisexual hybrid that rinses its stinking genitals with even more stinking blood, turbid water from the well of death metal. Here I would refer to the death metal squealing guitars in the French circle of evil in "Incursion Of Chaos", which is later repeated in "Larva Venum" or "Cyclones Of Steel", which is close to Morbid Angel in places. But don't expect any big musical chaos. When you look at the front cover, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What word? I thought of a chumel. And that corresponds to the music of OTARGOS. A chumel of evil, which, although it consists of several ingredients, as well as a front cover of people of different sexes and different grins, so it holds together and does not matter at all that the chumel does not have a regular shape and that something sticks out of it in places. Sometimes it's good to stick your elbow or knee out of the crowd, or make an unnatural gesture with your hand. Like in "Blessed By Pestilence" with a funeral nature, where in the refrains the vocal is driven by a clever devil's electro machine and in the solos the guitar quark secretly reigns. Or the jammers in the decadent medium-dark "Daemonfire". Otherwise, of course, you will enjoy the traditional frantic speeds, which many times even a magazine in the monastery will not enjoy. Such a "Xenos" can be remembered for the early creation of Immortal. But not in a frosty wrap, as we are used to, but with an unusually fiery bitterness. Both Immortal and Morbid Angel influences can be heard in several places on the album, but it is always remelted into French territorial noise. This is greatly helped by the rough, smirgloid sound, from the grinding of which is dusted somewhere almost to dirty readability, which is a very welcome effect and it is felt that none of the musicians is an egoist, eager for the readability of their instrument. I just like bands that work as a whole in the name of misanthropy. Yes, the band works as a whole and accompanies me through atmospheres of terror, mysticism and murder. But not everywhere. Sometimes the band finds themselves in neutral waters, in which, despite all the raging morass, they can not awaken any emotions. Well, except for embarrassment and subtle apathy, but I don't want that. This creates blind spots even with the noise, so I can only call the album "Fleshborer Soulflayer" good in the finale. At the same time, OTARGOS, with their gross evil, could be far more insidious, murderous and mystical. - HardMusicBase

Release Date: December 10, 2021

FFO: Behemoth, Aevangelist, Emptiness, Dark Funeral, Deathspell Omega

Location: France

The Korporation is proud to announce French Dark Extreme Metalers OTARGOS will raise multidimensional Hell for the 7th time with new album "Fleshborer Soulflayer" on Dec.10.

Marking the first studio recording with the band for new drummer Michael Martin (ex-EXOCRINE, ex-FLESHDOLL) and the return of former guitarist Astaroth that previously appeared on the band's 2007 to 2011 recordings, "Fleshborer Soulflayer" pushes the band's now trademark cosmic Blackened Death Metal sound ing even further in terms of brutality, heaviness and deconstruction sounding like a space-time travel through a black hole!

Again produced at France's Vamacara studio (Mercyless, Savage Annihilation...), the album will be released on a variety of formats including CD, vinyl, cassette & digital versions with a first single / music video made available for preorders launch on September 15.

Check out the video!

1, Rise of the Abomination
2, Incursion of Chaos
3, Xenos
4, Blessed by Pestilence
5, Fleshborer Soulflayer
6, Navigator [all CD versions bonus track]
7, Larva Venom
8, Daemonfire
9, Cyclones of Steel
10, Sentinel
11, Warp
12, Miasmic Armageddon Fog [DigiPak CD exclusive track]
12, Ocularis Terribus [Vinyl & cassette exclusive track]

- 500 copies limited edition deluxe DigiPak CD first print
- Crystal / Jewel Box CD
- 100 copies limited edition cassette tape
- 100 copies collector edition yellow and black splatter vinyl
- 200 copies limited edition black vinyl
- 50 copies limited edition boxset (incl. DigiPak CD, colored vinyl, special cassette and more) of which 25 even more exclusive with a autographed test press vinyl copy of the album

- Dagoth: guitars & vocals
- Astaroth: guitars
- M. Pliszke: bass
- Michael Martin: drums

- All music & lyrics by OTARGOS except "Rise of the Abomination" by Déhà
- Produced by OTARGOS at Vamacara studio
- Artwork and layout by Emmanuel Pliszke
- Executive producer: Nicolas Williart
- All songs published by Les Editions Hurlantes

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