Skanners - Greatest Hits - Reviewed By Redazione Italia di Metallo! Monday November 29 2021, 5:54 PM
Skanners - Greatest Hits - Reviewed By Redazione Italia di Metallo!

Skanners - Greatest Hits - Reviewed By Redazione Italia di Metallo ! Check it out here at this link:

After forty years of glorious career, the legendary Skanners return to the market with an interesting collection that contains the best of their artistic career. Pioneers of a certain Anglo-Saxon heavy metal, ours (together with Vanexa, Death SS, Paul Chain, Strana Officina, Sabotage, The Raff, Crying Steel, Steel Crown, Revenge etc etc) have managed, thanks to their passion for metal and for their great love / respect for their audience that has always supported them, to carve out an international following.

Such a collection, especially in a period like this, is very useful to introduce the new generations to the music of the Bolzano band. 'Greatest Hits' contains 16 tracks, including a portentous unreleased track, which are drawn from their best productions. From the debut to the lightning "Dirty Armada" the tellurics "TV Shock", " RockRock City", and "Starlight" are inserted. Three gems that, with great passion, draw the best from the greats of the English music scene: Judas Priest, Saxon in the first place. "Rock Rock City" is a song that will give emotions to those who have discovered only in recent years, for personal reasons, legendary bands such as Riot and Accept.

From the fundamental "Pictures of War" are fished, along with the song of the same name, " Turn itLouder Now" and "Wild". The latter is a wonderful song that, in addition to recalling the Scorpions of the most melodic period, can be very incisive and exciting. Beautiful melodies from the leader / vocalist Claudio Pisoni and beautiful guitar solos that are very reminiscent of those of the great Rudolf Schenker.

From the third album we find the full-bodied "Undertaker" and "Metal Party". Electric songs very inspired by the best hard rock of the eighties. The beautiful "Flagellum Dei" will make the happiness, not only of those who have now approached the historic Italian band, but to all fans of the best metal. Vitriolic riffs and catchy melodies/choruses are the secrets to composing a classy piece. The very technical guitar solos are inserted at the right time creating moments of great musical tension. Exceptional composition!

From the excellent "The Serial Healer" and the magnificent "Factory of Steel" are included fantastic songs such as: " SoulFinder", "Welcome to Hell". What power!!! Magnificent sound that owes a lot to the great Accept and the great German bands of the time, "Factory of Steel", " Hard andPure" are of a crazy electricity!

The unreleased "Under the Grave" seems a classic of the great Judas Priest; in fact you can feel the influence of the English band. The riffs are as successful as the vocal lines that remain in the head with great pleasure. The rhythm section, as per the band's tradition, is precise and powerful. Great song that makes us jump on the chair. Album recommended not only to new fans of the Band from Trentino but to all lovers of Italian heavy metal. - Redazione Italia di Metallo

Release Date October 22 2021

FFO: Metal Church, Accept, Helloween

To celebrate the 35th discographic anniversary of the Band and the forthcoming 40th since its formation, Music for the Masses has the honor to announce the agreement with legendary Italian metallers Skanners for the release of their first Greatest Hits which goes through the Band’s whole career. Skanners are with no doubt one of the most important and representative bands of Italian Heavy Metal, one of the few deserving the definition of “Legendary”. Kicking off back in 1982 and debuting in 1986 with “Dirty Armada”, released for a Major Label, the then very active CGD, which also released the following “Pictures of War” in 1988, the Band has ever since kept up its identity and dignity, always far from trend-following and staying true to its Metal Belief, supported by great composition and talent, together with Claudio Pisoni’s voice. These have always been the trademarks of the Band. The Greatest hits, produced by Music for the Masses is scheduled for release on October 22nd on cd format and features 16 tracks drawn from the entire rich Band’s repertoire, tracing an actual musical biography which will satisfy die hard fans but will also be able to attract new listeners to their musical craft. And, for this special release, a new, unreleased song entitled “Under the Grave” will be on the album.

The album will be distributed by Egea Music (Italy), Code 7 (Europe), Sleaszy Rider Records (USA), Wormholedeath Japan and Music for the Masses Distro. In addition, it will be available on all digital platforms. The promotion will be taken care by Grand Sounds (Europe), Metal Devastation PR (USA), Mazzarella Press Office (Italy) and Wormholedeath (Japan).







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