MONSTER TRUCK   frontman   Jon Harvey   says that he was "super offended" by   Danko Jones 's recent criticism of his collaboration with   Kid Rock .

On Friday (November 19),   Kid Rock   released his latest single,   "Don't Tell Me How to Live" , in which he rants against "woke" culture and the mainstream media at a time when "every opinion has a millennial offended." The first new music from the Michigan-bred rap-rocker since 2017, which was recorded with   MONSTER TRUCK   and plays off the Canadian band's 2015 song of the same title, was accompanied by an official music video which features   Kid Rock   telling his critics to "kiss my ass" and "suck a dick sideways" while wearing a white fur coat, a nod to his   "Devil Without A Cause"   days, along with basketball shorts, tube socks, chains and a fedora.   Rock   and   Harvey   trade vocals, smoke cigars and generally seem to be having a good time as   Rock   compares himself to some of the greatest icons of our time in what   Rolling Stone   calls, "the most offensive verse in the terrible song." "I'm like   Reverend Run   or   David Lee Roth   / Like   Springsteen   bitch, I'm the motherfucking Boss,"   Kid Rock   declares. " James Dean , shit / I'm more like   Brad Pitt   / A little less pretty but I slang more dick."

On Saturday (November 20),   Danko Jones , who was born and raised in the eastern-Toronto borough Scarborough, took to his   Twitter   to offer his scathing opinion of   Kid Rock 's new song as well as to call out the members of   MONSTER TRUCK   for choosing to align themselves with the conservative rocker, saying it gets them "a lifetime membership in the douchebag hall of fame."

"Disappointed to hear of a certain band on a song with a certain musician who has been so public with his MAGA politics, including uttering the phrase 'Fuck   Colin Kaepernick ' during a live performance,"   Danko   wrote. "It's tantamount to standing in solidarity with him. Gross. And the video of them posing as rednecks in fur coats is FUCKING EMBARRASSING Disappointed and embarrassed FOR that band.

"Just so you know, I DON'T FUCK WITH bands that buddy up next to a racist POS. Wearing fur coats, sporting guns and smoking cigars in the music video gets that band a lifetime membership in the douchebag hall of fame. Embarrassing.

" Kid Rock   said 'Fuck   Colin Kaepernick ' during a concert,"   Danko   added. " Colin Kaepernick   sacrificed his career to draw attention to racial inequality. If you stand alongside   Kid Rock   in a music vid calling out 'snowflakes', sporting fur coats & guns, you're as big a piece of shit as   Kid Rock ."

Harvey , who hails from Hamilton, which, like Scarborough, is located in the Canadian province of Ontario, discussed his   Kid Rock   collaboration during an appearance on   the "Loaded Radio" podcast . Regarding how he first reacted when he heard   Kid Rock 's reworked version of   "Don't Tell Me How to Live" ,   Jon   said (as transcribed by   BLABBERMOUTH.NET ): "When I read the lyrics and everything else, I'm, like, 'Okay. Crap. Here we go.' It seemed like a weird thing to me. It was conflicting, because it felt mad and angry. And we're not angry guys; we're like the fun guys. And I was, like, 'This is angry. Okay. Cool.' And even   Kid Rock   was, like, 'It's kind of mad, but that's the whole thing. The whole thing is to spice it up and get mad,' and things like that. I started reading through the lyrics and everything else, and it's like — I don't know — he's really kind of just talking about himself a lot. Like any hip-hop song would definitely be — 'I'm the best. This is what I do.' And then he says a couple of things, like 'snowflakes.' And I'm, like, 'Well, okay. Whatever. That could be taken in a weird way.'

"It's just one of those things. When you read it, you're, like, he's not really attacking anyone,"   Harvey   continued. "He's kind of saying, 'This is who I am, and this is what I do.' And people are gonna take it as an attack, because everyone wants to feel attacked or feel like they need to fight back or say something all the time now. So he kind of played right in to that."

Harvey   then addressed   Jones 's criticisms directly, saying: "I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but it feels a little opportunistic to me. It also feels like he's a very angry person. I don't subscribe to that, and I'm not an angry person. And to me, it feels like he kind of gets angry about a lot of things. As far as personal attacks go, I've never met this guy in my life. I have no idea what his values are or what his beliefs are, and nor do I care, 'cause that's his problem and his business. But, yeah, man, he went after me, didn't he?"

He continued: "That's my whole thing about it — the guy is upset because he thinks [the song] promotes hate, and he's getting that out by hating it. It's the most contradictory, hypocritical thing I've ever experienced. But also a lot of people are gonna be, like, 'Yeah, he's right.' And I'm just, like, 'Man, okay.' And then next week he'll be mad about something else   James Hetfield   did or something else someone else did. It's, like buddy, just simmer down. You've got some shit to sort… It's an opportunity — that's the issue I have with it. It's, like, he could have said nothing and just kept going with his life. But instead he's putting himself out there and putting that hate out there and it's creating an opportunity for him. That's super weird to me."

Jon   added: "I've never called anyone a piece of shit to their face, I don't think, in real life. The dude didn't even use my name, didn't use the band name, and he said these harsh things to me personally. I don't know, man. I'm really hurt by that… It's super offensive. My mom's gonna read that article, and other people are, and this guy is really painting me out to be something… He's got no idea what I'm like; he's got no idea what my friends or my family are like. It's some pretty harsh shit."

Kid Rock , an ardent supporter of former president   Donald Trump , made headlines earlier this year when his Nashville bar hosted   Morgan Wallen   for his first performance since being caught on camera saying the N-word back in February.

Back in November 2019,   Rock   was removed from the stage of the Honky Tonky bar in Nashville when he went on an explicit tirade against   Oprah Winfrey , saying she could "suck a dick sideways." And in 2018, the rocker was fired as the grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas parade after calling   Joy Behar , then-host of   ABC 's   "The View" , a "bitch" in an interview on   Fox News .

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