THE AGE OF ORE: "Trying Times" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla! Tuesday November 23 2021, 10:53 AM
THE AGE OF ORE: "Trying Times" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla!

THE AGE OF ORE: "Trying Times" - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla ! Check it out here at this link:

The Age Of The Ore is a very young metal and hard rock trio that has been giving war since 2016. The band, born in Philadelphia and formed by Jacob Hoopes on guitar and vocals, Lucas Hoopes on drums and Deven on bass, recorded in 2019 (when they were still impudent teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16) the EP "Trying Times", a first work that has had continuity through the publication of four singles in digital format during this year. But returning to the pulse of the EP that is the reason for our review for its recent edition in cedé, the North American trident shells in this brief work a suggestive proposal that, taking as a reference the sound essence of classic heavy metal bands of the eighties, appears sifted by the influences of alternative metal emerged in the nineties. Obviously, we will find glaring errors resulting from inexperience (the patterns of repeatedly unbalanced drums that stultifying the rhythm section are a flagrant example), but we could overlook them in favor of the early age of the third and the illusion and commitment that they imprint on the themes of this reference. And it is that the fact that some kids see their dream fulfilled and also obtain such a solid result (despite the mismatches exposed above), should be considered clearly as a major triumph for the everlasting existence of metal. Deadline's dense, heavy opening riff, heavily influenced by Black Sabbath's dark style book, quickly takes on more rocky and contemporary paths featuring a melodic chorus wrapped by a mattress of keyboards. Drying Times shows a riff that unfailingly reminds us of the one with which Dio's Don't Talk To Strangers starts, although, as happened with the previous track and as it progresses, it acquires again a certain alternative leave accompanied by the powerful, pleasant and personal voice of Jake sliding on the guitar chords. Wings Of Steel has a dirty riff that takes off with a pleasant groove air – and some reminiscence of Metallica's Devil's Dance – and a central part of choppy guitars (brilliant throughout the production) that are the prelude to a solo that, again, borders on a high level. Let's support The Age Of Ore and give a well-deserved margin of confidence to "Trying Times"... They are part of the future of steel and all metal alloys! - Rocka Rolla

Origin:  Southern NJ / Philadelphia area 

Genres:  Heavy Metal 

Years Active:  2016- Present

The Age of Ore is a one-of-a-kind metal and hard rock trio from the Philadelphia area made up of young talented musicians. They have been writing new, original, heavy music and recording with well-established veterans of the music industry at Musically Speaking Studios under the direction of Steve Childs ( Deadly Blessing ). Ore’s influences include metal and rock legends ranging from Iron Maiden , Jimi Hendrix and Dio to the likes of Alice in Chains , Tool and System of A Down . With band members between 13-16 years old, The Age of Ore is young...but powerful. The Age of Ore has released one EP, Trying Times . A second release of their upcoming full album is slated for 2021.


Check out this cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on YouTube!

Band Lineup & Ages:

Jacob - Lead Guitar and Vocals - 16

Lucas - Drums and Vocals - 13

Deven - Bass Guitar - 14

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