Demonztrator - Sinister Forces Of Hatred - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM! Wednesday November 17 2021, 9:21 PM
Demonztrator - Sinister Forces Of Hatred - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM!

Demonztrator - Sinister Forces Of Hatred - Reviewed By FULL METAL MAYHEM ! Check it out here at this link:

Release date: On All Saints' Day, the first of November 2021, they released this evil piece of thrash metal! On which label released: Ossuary Records are responsible for this and you can only thank them. Other releases of the band: This is their second album, between the two they have inserted an EP. How did I get to know the band: The Metal Devastation Radio, as in the reviews of the last few months. Maybe it's because the names of the band and album appeal to me more often. How do I find the record: They really like their music, you notice that immediately. And they also understand their craft. Raging thrash is blown around your ears here, occasionally interrupted by some mid-tempo passages. The solos are really crisp, as I like it and not too wasteful and really poisonous, angry vocals. There is joy right there. My clear favorite is CROSSING THE RUBICON, I knew that immediately when the drum check ended and the guys really got going. Everything is just right here, the speed and the hardness are both coordinated at a high level, the drumming pulls you directly along and I don't need to say anything more about the vocals. But it's really hard to list more favorites here, because all the songs are so damn cool. Conclusion: Holy shit, the album really blows your ear canals free. I can only recommend every thrashhead to take a look at it. The last time I was blown away was when I first turned on Godslave's Into the Black. So take a look here: - FULL METAL MAYHEM

Release Date: November 1st, 2021

FFO: Kreator, Exodus, Death Angel, Testament

Streaming at this link:

Ossuary records is proud to announce the signing of Finnish thrash metal band Demonztrator to the label. The band was formed in 2016 and has since released one album "Forgotten Acts of Aggression" (2017), which is a homage to the Finnish metal scene comprising of classic songs written by numerous overlooked underground bands, and the EP "Myriad Ways of Dying" (2019), being the band's first venture into their very own material. 
The band features lead singer Jari Hurskainen known from Gandalf and The Scourger, guitarist Timo Ahlström of Freedomination and Barren Earth fame. The other guitar is punished by Jörgen Reinholm known from the legendary Finnish underground speed metal band Defection. Bass duties are taken care of by Jukkis Lappalainen (Against It All). Seppo Tarvainen (Daniel Lioneye, The Scourger) adds the tight beats and thunder on the drums.

Ossuary records will release the new full length studio album “Sinister Forces Of Hatred” on the 1st of November 2021. It features ten hard hitting thrash metal songs that will surely attract the attention of fans that are into bands like Kreator, Testament, Death Angel and the like. The album will be available on Compact Disc and digital platforms. The recording sessions were finished in early 2021 and all recording work was done at East Sound Studios, Helsinki, Finland with Splendid Laine acting as a producer together with the band.

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“Sinister Forces Of Hatred” track listing:

Acid Remains
The Collapse
Into The Mouth Of Madness
Intermission: Deus Volt
Crossing The Rubicon
Scavenger Of War
Nail Them All
Embryonic Evil

Demonztrator Promo Pic 2021 6048x4024 08.png

Demonztrator is:
Jari Hurskainen - Vocals
Timo Ahlström - Guitar
Jörgen Reinholm - Guitar
Jukkis Lappalainen - Bass
Seppo Tarvainen – Drums

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