HAK-ED DAMM - Destructio Purificalis - Reviewed At Black Metal Ist Krieg! Sunday November 14 2021, 3:02 PM
HAK-ED DAMM - Destructio Purificalis - Reviewed At Black Metal Ist Krieg!

HAK-ED DAMM - Destructio Purificalis - Reviewed At Black Metal Ist Krieg ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.blackmetalistkrieg.net/?p=13627

There must be something strange in Canada, and particularly in Quebec. It will be maple syrup, it will be the poutine or the crisp morning air, the fact is that from there come a lot of bloodthirsty bands, ready to pour their violence into music like a 666 megaton bomb. The clique is certainly also part of Hak-Ed Damm, which we have already dealt with on the occasion of the release of the debut demo "Black Tortured Metal" and "Execrated", split in the company of the Danish Blackhorned. Ours are a cheerful quintet, they took the moniker from the Hebrew name of a place in Jerusalem associated with Judas Iscariota (precisely Hak-Ed Damm means "field of blood") and with this "Destructio Purificalis", which presents itself with a decidedly romantic cover based on missiles and pathology, they have reached the not despicable goal of the third album, in addition to a handful of splits, in just under fifteen years of activity. So they are not newbies, and you can feel it. Hak-Ed Damm undoubtedly know how to play and put their experience at the service of an album so feral and violent but well written, which also highlights a certain technical expertise, in addition to the ability to compose aggressive but rather varied and structured pieces in an almost surgical way, which never slip into cacophony for its own sake but remain anchored to a song form that allows our heroes to express themselves at their best. And this is also thanks to an absolutely professional production: the album was mixed by Mick Kenney, aka Irrumator of Anaal Nathrakh, and has in the recording clean and powerful, which allows you to fully appreciate the guitar textures and the tight dialogue between bass and drums, one of its indisputable strengths. But it is still a brutal and aggressive disc like a seamless artillery fire, traveling from the parts of Marduk, Endstille, 1349 and company, as the Canadian ensemble does not fail to emphasize in its own way, also giving us some clarification on the concept: "the battalion is proud to reveal the imminent arrival of our new nuclear carnage! " Destructio Purificalis", a dystopian work in eight chapters on the nuclear apocalypse composed before the plague and recorded during its darkest hours". Et voilà, the massacre is served: a massacre that reinforces what has always been the trademark of the band since the beginning and at the same time stands on a higher step than previous works and also compared to much of the competition. The opener "Triomphe De La Mort" immediately makes things clear: after a brief introduction with a classic gunshot and a nice "fuck you" in evidence, it starts like a panzer at full speed, mixing muscle riffs, blast beats as if it were raining and an excellent refrain that makes the piece recognizable. A formula that we often find during the album, combined with the remarkable vocal test of the singer Winterthrone, who screams like a madman, discarding his uvula to the limits of the human (if there are effects they are well amalgamated in the whole): listen to believe for example "Le Clan De Cannibales". Another trump card is the power of the rhythm section, enhanced by the apt production of which we were talking just before: the MoRZ bass pulses that is a pleasure and accompanies the excellent work behind the skins of Silencer, who beats like a blacksmith but also becomes the protagonist of impeccable time variations, making even the most complicated passages seem completely natural. And so come out songs full of a killer groove and stone crushers, such as "Desert De Sang", also characterized by arrogant punk / black n' roll influences that do not clash at all in the context, and above all the martial and hieratic "In Nomine Sanctae Mortis", a suite of almost eight minutes that with its monastic choirs earns in my opinion the palm of best song of the lot. I also point out the following "Errance", a decidedly epic and broader song, in which a certain melodic attitude emerges in a more evident way that in any case the band carries with it throughout the album. What to say in conclusion? "Destructio Purificalis" is a very solid work, without apparent flaws, where everything works wonderfully: the demonstration that, while respecting certain stylistic and aesthetic canons, you can still give life to something personal. Absolutely promoted. - Black Metal Ist Krieg

Release Date: Oct 15, 2021


Black Market Metal Label is proud to announce the coming new album from Canadians HAK-ED DAMM entitled Destructio Purificalis! Scheduled for release Oct 15 2021, hitting you like a 666-megaton nuclear bomb. Eight violent and cruel tracks of non stop trampling aggression. Blasting away listeners with intense speed and brutality and comes at one like artillery fire from beginning to end.

The album was mixed by none other than Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh)

Quote from band: "The battalion is proud to reveal the imminent arrival of our new nuclear carnage! Destructio Purificalis, a dystopian work  in 8 chapters on the nuclear apocalypse composed before the pestilence and recorded during its darkest hours, will be at your doors on October 15th on Black Market Metal Label!"

HAKED DAMM  Destructio Purificalis  BMM029.JPG

1. Triomphe De La Mort
2. Chaos Planetaire
3. Desert de Sang
4. Perverses Propheties
5. Le Clan des Cannibales
6. In Nomine Sanctae Mortis
7. Errance
8. L'Ultime Ogive

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