TUOMAS ROUNAKARI: "Bear Awakener" Begins, Bear Amulets Unboxing Video Unleashed! Tuesday November 2 2021, 6:22 PM
TUOMAS ROUNAKARI: "Bear Awakener" Begins, Bear Amulets Unboxing Video Unleashed!

Violinist, composer, ethnomusicologist TUOMAS ROUNAKARI will release his second solo album "Bear Awakener" on March 13th 2022, pre-orders start on Thursday November 4th at Indiegogo! Today Tuomas unveils the video where he unboxes the unique Bear Amulets straight from Siberia, which are to be included into the first 40 special edition gift-box CD -orders.

Tuomas stated:
"Bear Awakener begins!
Exciting days! Pre-orders start officially on Thursday November 4th. My own enthusiasm over all of this is blowing off the roof tops! So many tasks and decisions, inspiring ideas and studies on how to make them a reality."

Watch Tuomas' unboxing Bear amulets -video here: https://www.facebook.com/shamanviolin/videos/278449967500776

Indiegogo link - https://igg.me/at/bearawakener - will activate by midnight Nov 4th local time (Finland). (Nov 3rd 22:00 GMT)

(Please note! The link opens up as a draft until the campaign is launched.)
The bear amulets come from a shamanic artist Angela Bazaron from the Lake Baikal area, Siberia. She is an indigenous artist from the Buryat people. Tuomas fell in love with her bear amulet and bought one on Korpiklaani’s Russian Tour 2017. He also got some items for his new stage outfit - not yet created.
Tuomas adds:
"Last spring I found her thanks to a helping friend in Irkutsk. I ordered 40 bears and was surprised as she created a totally new design for this. All of them are unique. Some are bear-cubs, some grown ups. Each has a character and shape of their own. At the end she sent me 38 bears and 2 traditional toli -amulets. It took me 3 months to get them, including a month in a Russian post and a week for Finnish customs trying to figure out what’s inside. What a relief and joy when they arrived!
I’d like every Special Edition Gift-Box CD to have one of these, but I can’t make that into a promise. Would a new order arrive in time? What if they get lost in mail? It will be hard to match them though…
Thank you all for being part of this!

"Bear Awakener" focuses on bear myths of the Nordic peoples. The name "Bear Awakener" comes from a set of ceremonial songs sung during the bear feast in order to awaken the bear. 

Planned release date is March 13th 2022. According to an ancient Finnish bear-calendar, this date marked the end of winter hibernation and awakening of bears. 

Get ready to join and support the cause! More information TBA, so stay tuned!

Also watch the first teaser for "Bear Awakener": https://www.facebook.com/shamanviolin/videos/285653149947539


TUOMAS ROUNAKARI is a violinist, composer, ethnomusicologist (MA) and an educator from Finland. He has collaborated with artists from different arctic indigenous cultures and has studied shamanism and ritualistic music of northern Eurasia. He is also considered a key figure in revitalizing the near extinct tradition of Finnish-Carelian Lament singing. For the past 9 years Rounakari has been the fiddler of folk-metal band Korpiklaani. He is also known as a Shaman-violinist thanks to his solo performance. He is a co-founder of a finnish theatre group Ruska-Ensemble and its musical director. He has done field-work among the Khanty people in Siberia.

While waiting for it have a look at the Online concert from Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2020. Shamanviolin at Pauanne is a full-length online concert produced by the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2020. The concert was filmed at the magical Pauanne where a community of folk musicians and folk healers used to live in the 1980’s. All buildings are fully hand made with many mythological decorations. The place has unfortunately decayed without much needed preservation. This Shamanviolin concert ends with lament melodies in a burnt down sauna. The magic and unique beauty of this place is still strong. A perfect environment for my music.

Watch here: https://rounakari.com/watch-full-video-for-free/


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