SNOW: Skate Fast Die Hard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info! Sunday January 10 2021, 10:09 AM
SNOW: Skate Fast Die Hard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info!

SNOW : Skate Fast Die Hard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info ! Check it out here at this link:

This is a new solo band with Rodrigo Neves (TIGERSHARKS), formed as late as last year during the pandemic. In this band he focus on a mixture of sludge, hardcore/punk and stoner rock, and it sounds like crust core (more or less) to me, possibly with a pinch of thrash. It's a pretty fast and short song. "Skate Fast Die Hard" is the first single with SNOW, but another single should be out soon. An album with the same title as this song is expected in early 2021. - Hard Rock Info

Released (November, 27)

The new Sludge / Punk / Stoner Rock project SNOW is releasing their first single on November 27th. "Skate Fast Die Hard" is a manifesto for freedom and frenzy packed with musical elements linked to Hardcore Punk, Sludge, Stoner Rock and Rock'n roll. Fast and accurated with a sonic urgency, fast and heavy riffs and an apotheotic ending that shakes the brain the song is the first of the two singles from the band's debut album, leaded by Rodrigo Neves (TIGERSHARKS) and which has the collaboration of friends. The album "Skate Fast Die Hard" is expected to be released in early 2021 through Red Garage Records but before that another single from the band will be released.
About SNOW:
With the arrival of the pandemic situation 2020 became a chaotic year. With the Covid blast many people stayed in their homes. This situation made Rod (from the band TIGERSHARKS) take an old idea to the band SNOW. The band is a solo project that he always wanted to put together, a project more focused on Sludge and Doom, with strong influences from Hardcore Punk and Stoner.

The band has both slow and dense sounds, as well as faster and simpler ones, and influences from names like The Shrine, Revolution Mother and Black Flag, being a perfect soundtrack for a Skate ride, smoking or driving a Cadillac on the rise velocity . The album was produced by Rodrigo and Andrez Machado (longtime friend and owner of the Red Garage studio in Porto Alegre / RS). The band's first album was recorded remotely with Rod recording guitars, vocals and drums, while Andrez recorded other guitar lines and mixed / mastered the material. In addition to the two, the album also featured bassist Rodrigo Borba in the low frequencies.

The first single, "Skate Fast Die Hard is a perfect soundtrack for a skate ride. The sound is Stoner Rock, Crossover and the purest Rock'n roll. Transiting between the energetic chaos at 200km / h and the dense drag the track is born as the first single from SNOW and that baptizes their debut album to be released in 2021 by Red Garage Records. The artwork for the single "Skate Fast Die Hard", as well all the others related to the project, are made by Rodrigo Neves himself.

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