White City Graves - One Of Us - Reviewed At Obliveon! Tuesday October 19 2021, 1:40 PM
White City Graves - One Of Us - Reviewed At Obliveon!

White City Graves - One Of Us - Reviewed At Obliveon ! Check it out here at this link: https://obliveon.de/review/white-city-graves-one-of-us/

Well, the info location about the WHITE CITY GRAVES from Seattle is more than poor and also the label has only sent the songs over here.

Anyway, let's just let the mucke speak and it turns out to be anything but uninteresting. WHITE CITY GRAVES throw groove metal a'la White Zombie together with horror punk a'la misfits, season this with a knife tip Motörhead vibes and then taste the resulting bowl with a pinch of grunge....voila, finished are ten tracks that are anything but boring.

Of the tracks, none of which exceed the four-minute mark – most of them cross the finish line well below – the sluggish groover 'Hunted Down' with its fat drumming, the doomed 'Brooks Was Here', the pumping 'Make My Blood Boil' with its polyphonic chorus and the fast, punky 'Graves' are highly recommended.

If you like groovy metal or know what to do with my style "recipe", you should check out the WHITE CITY GRAVES.

Ludwig Lücker awards 7.5 out of 10 points - Obliveon

Release Date: August 20, 2021

FFO: Clutch, White Zombie, Danzig

White City Graves blends dark subject matter into a compelling and catchy bed of sonic intrigue. Since 2011 they have staked a claim as a mainstay in the Seattle music scene, drawing descriptions like Hard Rock, Metal, Punk and Horror Punk. The truth is, it’s all of the above with the culmination of influences by the veteran members of this 4 piece Seattle rock band: Adam Ketola, Wes Scott, Troy Lund and Brent Powell.

They’ve garnered the attention of local and national music insiders with airplay across the country and abroad, along with the honor of supporting legendary touring acts D.R.I., The Casualties, Doyle (of the Misfits) and The Real McKenzies, just to name a few.

It has not gone unnoticed, as they said over at The Ripple Effect; “...It sounds as if someone had taken TSOL, Theater of Hate, and some gut-level Oi! punk and tossed em all into an audio blender. Brutal in all the right places, but played with real chops and conviction. Melodic and times, varying in tempo and pace. Dynamics shifting. Really, the song is just a complete hurricane. No other way to describe it. I could listen to this thing on repeat all day and never get tired of it...”

To date they have released their first self-titled EP in 2011, followed by a West Coast tour that led them to the iconic Whisky a Go Go. They followed it up with the well-received LP “Wilmington.” And now, with their latest full-length vinyl release of “One of Us,” they’ve expounded on their sound even further, with a more focused and concise musical theme.

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