New Promo: Ameri Shaye - Stairway to Heaven - Cover - (Folk Rock) Sunday October 10 2021, 12:44 PM
New Promo: Ameri Shaye - Stairway to Heaven - Cover - (Folk Rock)

Release Date: September 26, 2021

FFO: Heart, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane

Ameri Shaye is a 16 year old Award winning singer songwriter from Texas . She has been performing professionally since the age of 6 years old. Ameri Shaye signed with Dr John's Surgery Records in 2020 and released her debut EP shortly after. Ameri Shaye is a 8 time JMA Nominee over 3 consecutive years, bringing home her first JMA win with the 2021 Songwriter achievement award and an 11 time Red Carpet Award Show in Holland Nominee over a 2 year time in which she has taken home an award for Best Christian Original with her song ' Me and God '. Ameri Shaye even at a young age has always had a love for Classic Rock and a great fondness for many of the greatest of all time rock bands. This genre has greatly influenced her as an artist and she had her heart set on releasing a cover of one of the greats. Stairway to Heaven is the song she chose and while covering the song exactly was never her intentions she delivers a powerful and haunting tribute to this classic that will leave you both reminiscent of the original but wholly a work of new art by the talented 16 year old Ameri Shaye .

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