BLACK CILICE set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD EP, reveal first track Thursday October 7 2021, 5:32 PM
BLACK CILICE set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD EP, reveal first track

Today,   Iron Bonehead Productions  sets December 10th as the international release date for  a brand-new 7" EP from   Black Cilice   titled  Tomb Emanations .

By now,   Black Cilice  should require no introduction. Arguably THE most pivotal raw black metal entity of the last decade, this Portuguese enigma has come to both define  and  defy that idiom. Unmindful of the present, not looking to the future, and undoubtedly rooted in the past,   Black Cilice  simply IS, and its vast body of work speaks for itself: challenging, for sure, but transportative and transcendental beyond compare.

Tomb Emanations  comprises two brand-new (or brand-old?) tracks exclusive to this release. No more but definitely no less, this is   Black Cilice  at its hysteric, hackle-raising best. By turns triumphant and melancholic, absurdly blown-out but keenly nuanced, and mesmerizing - and melodic - every step of the way,  Tomb Emanations  truly lives up to its title. Long may   Black Cilice  reign, even when lording over the short-length realm.

Hear the latest sounds of that reign with the brand-new track "Returning From Dimensions Below"   HERE   at   Iron Bonehead 's Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Blac Cilice's Tomb Emanations
1. Side A - Returning From Dimensions Below [7:15]
2. Side B - Vigil of Ruins [6:20]

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