Journey Into Darkness - Infinite Universe Infinite Death - Featured At Pete's Rock News And Views! Wednesday October 6 2021, 7:09 PM
Journey Into Darkness - Infinite Universe Infinite Death - Featured At Pete's Rock News And Views!

Journey Into Darkness - Infinite Universe Infinite Death - Featured At Pete's Rock News And Views ! Check it out here at this link:

Release Date: September 10, 2021

FFO: Emperor, Limbonic Art, Dimmu Borgir

SPIRIT COFFIN PUBLISHING is proud to present JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS' highly anticipated third album, Infinite Universe Infinite Death, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS is the solo project of Brett Clarin, ex-guitarist for classic death metal band Sorrow (Roadrunner, 1991-1993). His music manifests as a unique brand of symphonic black/death metal with dark-yet-expansive orchestral layers. Sinister, oppressive, and otherworldly melodies are the focus whilst maintaining a class ear for heaviness and intensity.

"Infinite Universe Infinite Death', my third album, is a culmination of over 30 years of songwriting. This album is meant to be a more complete transition into symphonic black metal while maintaining my originality in the genre by blending some of my early death/doom roots when I played in Sorrow in the 1990s with my previous synth/orchestral elements from my prior two albums. Melody that conveys a sense of darkness, oppression, and the indifference of our known universe was at the heart of this album." - Brett Clarin

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Brett Clarin (ex-Sorrow, ex-Apparition) - all Instruments, songwriting, lyrics, mixing/mastering and programming
Jei Doublerice - session vocals


Check out some of the press this release has already gathered!

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Journey Into Darkness and if you are fan of symphonic black, doom and death metal, you should check out this album. - ADifferentShadeOfBlackMetalZine

The song has a pronounced theatrical quality, which comes through not only in the feelings of dread induced by the haunted organ-like chords and the lunacy transmitted by calliope-like arpeggios but also in the call-and-response of the adamant barking growls and the extravagant screams and cries in the vocal department. The music generates a thoroughly diabolical atmosphere as it twists and turns…. - No Clean Singing

Continues to blast and howl like an icy ride through hyperspace delivering anthem after anthem of symphonic black metal mixed with some death metal horror and the gloomy eeriness of darkwave music. - The Independent Voice

Journey Into Darkness - Infinite Universe Infinite Death - MoshPitNation

I have a colossal speech about the album, but to put it on paper is another story. - Author – Michael Litteral

Clarin’s mind of the unending depths of eternal darkness (i.e., space) merges haunting passages with brutal heft. - Decibel Magazine

Infinite Universe Infinite Death introduces us to an intense progression into this orchestral and violent universe that gives life to powerful riffs and howlings you need to listen to! - Acta Infernalis

Infinite Universe, Infinite Death is an expansive collection of symphonic blackened death metal that is as otherworldly as it is obliquely oppressive! With Brett Clarin’s ongoing passion for all things extreme clear to hear, Infinite Universe, Infinite Death is very much an album that is as honest as it is heavy, as experimental as it is enthusiastic and as atmospheric as it is antagonistic. Subsequently, anyone for an ear for music that thinks ‘big’ and embraces the epic should find much to enjoy here. - Worship Metal

Make the album experience a gripping one from start to finish, though in almost all instances the elaborate keyboard overlays and accents maintain the feeling that we are witnessing pageantry on a vast and alien scale. - NCS

With this third full-length, Journey Into Darkness have painted a near-perfect aural picture of galactic ghastliness. What a journey Infinite Universe Infinite Death is! -

The frostbitten grandeur of the aforementioned Emperor is a closer match for the atmosphere laid bare here, albeit with a much clearer production and a significant helping of death metal in the primordial soup. Clarin’s clearly got a vision for the freezing, uncaring, endless void of horror that is the cosmos. Additionally, and more importantly, he has more than sufficient chops to convey it. When you redirect your attention to the riffs, there are a lot of damn good ones crammed in the tight 35 minutes of running time.  - Angry Metal Guy

JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS has just released an absolute banger of a symphonic black metal album in “Infinite Universe Infinite Death”.  Brett Clarin of classic death metal band SORROW fame has created a cosmically malignant orchestral annihilation of the universe in this epic masterpiece.  I can literally feel the walls of creation closing in upon me as I’m being barraged with blast beats and stringed instruments.  The dynamic vocal style of black and death metal vocals really sets this music apart from most other symphonic black metal acts. All in all, JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS delivers a very well thought out and original addition to symphonic black metal and it would be a tragedy for a fan of such a genre to go without giving it a spin.  I promise you there are ideas and concepts within it that you WILL NOT hear anywhere else. -

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