Wan Way to Hell Monday March 13 2017, 9:48 PM
Wan Way to Hell

Norse old-school black metal miscreants WAN are set to release "Wan Way to Hell," their third and most devastating album to date.

WAN was formed in 2009 as a triad of aggression with the intent of bringing metal back to its roots - raw, filthy and in the gutter with a twist of punk.

A year later, the band released its first full-length "Wolves of the North." The album was reissued on limited-edition cassette in 2011.

Core members Aganaroth, Isengrim and Tsjud recruited drummer Dimman for the debut's 2013 follow-up "Enjoy the Filth." Dimman's time in WAN was short-lived, opening the door for current skin-basher Draup.

"Wolves of the North" was re-recorded in 2015 and released together with ""Enjoy the Filth" as a limited gatefold double LP. WAN that same year recorded five new tracks "Necroholic," a split-CD with Curse and Styggelse. and released a video for "Pentagram Rockers," off the second album.

The band has since brought their primal, old-school black metal to several stages in preparation for its deadliest release to date. "Wan Way to Hell" will be out February 10 on Carnal Records.


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