New Promo: Ceddy Braugs - Systm Ovrload - (Progressive Metal / Alternative) Thursday September 16 2021, 9:38 PM
New Promo: Ceddy Braugs - Systm Ovrload - (Progressive Metal / Alternative)

Release Date: August 27, 2021

FFO: Faith No More, Slipknot, Mastodon, Mr. Bungle

Heavy Metal and its manifold related genres are often divided into a dichotomy of either being highly artistic and sophisticated or being brutal and harsh. And then there are certain artists that manage to cross this boundary and produce music that combines the elements of both realms. One of those acts is Ceddy Braugs who recently released his debut EP “Systm Ovrload”. On seven new tracks, the gifted artist that is defined by freedom and honesty, by intelligent song structures and absolutely violent sounds at the same time.

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Ceddy Braugs creates symphonic backgrounds that grind on brutal breakdowns and lets straightforward Heavy and Prog Metal passages flow into complex rhythms. And despite the ambivalence of these sonic elements, “Systm Ovrload” keeps its coherent structure, and feels like a cohesive narrative in which easy-going parts such as the Blues riff in ‘Bloodlust’ seamlessly merge into brutal Nu Metal breaks. On his debut EP “Systm Ovrload”, Ceddy Braugs combines brutal and nihilist destructive power of 1990s Korn or Slipknot with Prog Metal à la Mastodon and artistry of Mr Bungle and even with Symphony X-like symphonic elements. Top that with stunning vocal versatility ranging from harsh screams and growls to strong, rich in timbre, cleans. 

This is pure freedom of arts, and expressionist music. Listen to Systm Ovrload now and witness how a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and true artist is exploring the limits of alternative and progressive music and finding beauty in the madness. 

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