Doom Metal Act Cavern Deep Are Back In The Studio! Wednesday August 18 2021, 5:45 AM
Doom Metal Act Cavern Deep Are Back In The Studio!

Doom act Cavern Deep has just finished recording their second album. It continues the tale of the archeologist of the first album with 6 crushing new songs. All engineering, mixing and mastering is done DIY, same as the first album. More news to come very soon!

Cavern Deep is a slow, heavy band, founded 2019, by members from Zonaria and Swedish retro riffsters Gudars Skymning.

The debut self-titled album is about one archeologist and his crew of ambitious henchmen and their descent into the cavernous realm below the crust of the earth. Learn about their fate and listen to some heavy, gloomy riffs along their slow path downwards.

Cavern Deep is:
Kenny-Oswald Duvfenberg – Guitars and Vocals
Max Malmer – Bass and Vocals
Dennis Sjödin – Drums, Backup Vocals and Keys

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