Kinkshamer releases video "Climax, Control, Closure" Saturday October 24 2020, 12:00 AM
Kinkshamer releases video "Climax, Control, Closure"

Throughout October, Kinkshamer has been quite a prolific project, dropping a music video every week. They previously put out stunningly perverse visuals for their tracks "Foreplay / Beauty and the Beast," "A Most Vulgar Display," and "Disregarding the Generational Gap." Now, the Los Angeles-based NSFW progressive metalcore/deathcore act will be revealing the final music video for the epic closing piece from their debut EP Societal Sects. You can watch the provocative music video for "Climax, Control, Closure" below.
"Climax, Control, Closure" Music Video (public on October 24th)Link:

Vocalist Riley Rowe states: "All the previous tracks in our EP held a very concrete and direct theme. "Beauty and the Beast" tackled beastiality, "A Most Vulgar Display" dealt with public sex, and "Disregarding the Generational Gap" conveyed sex with the elderly. But once we arrived to the final track on the release, we challenged ourselves to approach a more abstract theme. "Climax, Control, Closure" speaks upon aspects like edging, orgasm, and the controlling parts of sex, but more-so aims towards the overall complicated dynamics and cyclical nature of the act. For example, sex can take many different forms. It can be about the relationship between two people. It can be about the give and take of power between partners. It can be about a build-up and release of tension. Yet, whatever purpose or form the event of sex holds, it undoubtedly has a purpose and inevitably will continue to serve that purpose. There may be a climax or possible sense of closure, however sexual tension and desire for power dynamics always resurfaces.
To match the complexity of the lyrical content, I'd easily claim this is our most complex piece we've written musically as well. There's multiple movements and moods that evolve throughout the nearly six-minute track that touches on our desire to create even more progressive and challenging music in the future. By adding the visuals in this new music video, I hope the raw energy and message conveyed is amplified."

Band Info:Kinkshamer released their debut EP Societal Sects in 2019. Each song on the album revolves around a particular fetish, kink, or aspect of sex. Later in 2019, the band opened up for homoerotic deathcore pioneers Brojob. Currently, the group plans to follow-up their debut EP with even more provocative, shocking, and most of all kinky music in the future. For now, they have pieced together some raunchy and stimulating visuals for the whole aforementioned EP.
For Fans Of:After the Burial, Nine Inch Nails, Born of Osiris, Brojob, Code Orange, The Faceless, Type O Negative, Jinjer, The Dali Thundering Concept, Make Them Suffer, King 810, Enterprise Earth

Lineup:Riley Rowe - VocalsBlair Berens - Guitar, BassJonny Daybreak - Drums
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