SEBASTIAN BACH Slams APPLE For Failing To Replace His iPhone Battery! Sunday December 24 2017, 8:12 PM
SEBASTIAN BACH Slams APPLE For Failing To Replace His iPhone Battery!

Sebastian Bach is fuming mad after an Apple store failed to replace the battery for his iPhone in a timely fashion.

The former SKID ROW singer, who owns a two-year-old iPhone 6s, has been tweeting his displeasure with Apple product much of this past week, ever since the company admitted it issued software updates deliberately slowing older-model phones so aging batteries lasted longer.

On December 21, Bach took to his Twitter to say that the "only thing making" him keep the iPhone is his music collection which is located in iTunes Match, Apple's $24.99-a-year service which allows users to store all of their music in iCloud. But, he added, "if I can't plug my phone into my home stereo system, or studio quality headphones, or the stereo on the tourbus, then what is the point of having my music collection in their cloud?"

The next day, Bach renewed his attack on Apple, writing: "Now Apple slows down all the phones still with a headphone jack. Might be time for a new phone if rock 'n' roll is your scene. Can't believe they want to alienate anyone who is into vintage or high-end audio."

On Friday, the singer, who had apparently been experiencing issues with the battery in his phone, used his platform of over 426,000 Twitter followers to air out his latest grievance with the Steve Jobs-founded company, recounting a visit to his local Apple store that did not end as he hoped.

"Just tried to get a new battery for my iPhone 6s because they have made my battery not work anymore," Bach tweeted. "Girl at Apple store said it was possible to get a new battery for $75 but I would have to come back in about an hour to discuss this. So fucking lame."

After sticking around until a later time, Bach apparently ended up seeing another employee who told him that he would have to wait a bit longer to get his phone fixed.

"Just went back to the Apple store after an hour," Bach tweeted. "Now the dude tells me to come back in an hour and 40 minutes! Hey, Apple store at fashion square mall Sherman Oaks California, YOU SUCK"

Earlier today, Bach tweeted yet another update, making it clear that he did not end up getting the kind of speedy service from Apple that he expected.

"Thank [you] Apple [for] trying [to] help in quest [for] 6s battery replacement. Was all excited to go back [to the] store for third time but then read that this 'should be completed within a few hours.' By 8 p.m., I'm kinda done with the mall. 10-11 p.m. seems more like an operation than replacing a battery."

Bach's autobiography, "18 And Life On Skid Row", which was originally made available in December 2016, was released in paperback on November 14.


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