Catch A Glimpse Of Madness With “Of Black Horizons” Off “Chaos Vector” From Summoner’s Circle Thursday August 5 2021, 7:54 PM
Catch A Glimpse Of Madness With “Of Black Horizons” Off “Chaos Vector” From Summoner’s Circle

L-R: Invictus (Drums), Y’takt (Bass), Hex (Keys), Blind (Lead Vocals), Gog (Lead Guitar), Azra (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Rachel Craig Media/Joshua Winstead Photography

Knoxville’s  Summoner’s Circle  are purveyors of doom, horror and epicness channeled through a spectacular theatrical performance that has been playing across the nation since 2015. The latest from the band is a Lovecraftian adjacent cosmic horror concept album  “Chaos Vector” . It is their third full-length album following 2019’s “Become None” and 2018’s “Tome”; they now have a second single from this album, entitled  “Of Black Horizons” .

The single is the first full song on the album. It opens with a fast and aggressive kick in the jaw and maintains that energy throughout. Lyrically, this song is a warning of impending doom. The band explains further:

“We wanted the album to start with an up-tempo heavy hitter. We wrote this as a future set opener to get the crowd going right from the start. The song is about a cosmic horror vastly older than the very universe and how nothing can stop its insatiable hunger now that it has its many eyes set on our world. No religion, be it perceived as good or evil, can stand up to the very real might of an all-powerful and all cruel elder god.”

Acknowledging that this past year has been difficult for everyone, the band explains the delay in releasing this album: 

“We figured early in 2020, before the pandemic hit, that we would finish the album, get it released and immediately get back to touring. That didn’t happen. Now there is hope for the future, and this amazing album we sat on for over a year is finally being released. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out - a concept album that was first conceived over two years ago is now here.

“Chaos Vector”  was written to tell a story, each song is a chapter in this tale and this album is but a single volume in a larger epic which  Summoner’s Circle  is continually writing.

Horrific but with a dark and beautiful twist,  “Chaos Vector ” is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are willing to go on an epic, progressive journey through madness. It is recommended for fans of Behemoth, Immortal and Opeth.

Watch the official lyric video for  “Of Black Horizons”  via its premiere on  MetalInsider  HERE .

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Track Listing:

1. The Message (1:02)
2. Of Black Horizons (4:00)
3. Vessel (7:34)
4. The Hierophants (5:17)
5. Apostasy (7:45)
6. Chaos Vector (4:05)
7. Terminus Egress (9:12)
8. Chrysalis (1:35)
9. The Beyond (7:43)
Album Length: 48:17

For more info:

"Let the Summoning Begin..."
Summoner's Circle is a six-piece theatrical metal band that blends elements of doom, death, black and progressive metal into what they refer to as simply Epic Metal.

For the band, every song in an incantation, every live performance is a Summoning, and everything they do is tied intrinsically to the mythology, or lore, they have created.  The lore  tells the story of the band's origins, battles of divine conquest and showcases their creativity and vision, which sets the stage for a very entertaining live performance where bigger is better, and Epic is always the standard.

The Summoners released their first EP, entitled  First Summoning , in late 2015. This was followed in 2016 by the single,  Become None , and its B-side,  Minotaur,  both of which are included on their debut full-length release entitled Tome, which was released in June of 2018.

In May of 2019, Tome was repackaged and released as Become None via the Pavement Entertainment label.

In the spring of 2019, Summoner's Circle joined Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun and Wolfheart as part of Bodom's Hexed North American Tour, gaining many new fans and excellent reviews.

In June of 2019, the Six signed a worldwide management deal with Extreme Management Group, Inc. who also manages Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index and many others.

Summoner's Circle’s second full-length album Chaos Vector is scheduled to be released in 2021 and will be accompanied by a Lovecraft-style cosmic horror short story written by the band. Each song is a chapter in the story. 

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