Skrog - Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover) - Featured At BATHORY ́zine! Wednesday August 4 2021, 7:13 PM
Skrog - Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover) - Featured At BATHORY ́zine!

Skrog - Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover) - Featured At BATHORY ́zine ! Check it out here at this link:

Release date: July 29 2021

FFO: Metallica, Strapping Young Lad, Slayer, Ministry

Skrog is the brainchild of artist/musician Jay Reiter.  Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Skrog is an industrial metal band that explodes creativity and aggressiveness.  Jay Reiter started Skrog out as a solo project in 1999.  Armed with only the Sony Music Generator "video game," his G1 Playstation , and a guitar, Skrog started off as an exploration into music creativity. Eventually Jay started working with other musicians to push the boundaries of the music.  These musicians along with Jay formed the band Skull Fuckers Incorporated. Skrog was pushed to the wayside until 2010. Starting in 2010 Jay Reiter wrote several songs that would appear on Skrog's first album, " The Global Elite ."  

The album was produced and eventually released in 2013 under Goomba Records . The influences for Skrog span several genres of music.  Ranging from dance/techno bands like Lords of Acid , Skinny Puppy , and Frontline Assembly all the way to Slayer , Ministry , and Cannibal Corpse .  Jay wanted to use Skrog as a means of pushing industrial metal into a more modern and aggressive form of music.  Skrog's freshman album, “The Global Elite,” ranges in styles from black metal to death metal, from doom to thrash. Jay is now working on remastering "The Global Elite," with a fall of 2021 release under Jay's own music label, Satyrn Studios .  In the meantime, Skrog will be releasing a cover of Metallica 's " Enter Sandman ."  The song is slated to be released on all major global platforms July 29th of 2021. Skrog will be releasing its second album, " Under The Covers ," winter of 2021.  This will be an album of Jay Reiter's favorite songs and influences.  Songs appearing on that album will range from Slayer 's, " South of Heaven ," to Ministry 's, " NWO ."

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