Promos from Redefining Darkness Records - UNDEAD - Existential Horror Wednesday August 4 2021, 7:02 PM
Promos from Redefining Darkness Records - UNDEAD - Existential Horror

UNDEAD  are a dedicated horde of Spanish Death Metal fiends who truly understand and embody all that Death Metal should be. While making a bit of noise in Europe in 2019, the 2020 pandemic derailed the bands plans for touring and continued promotion of their debut full length,  Existential Horror . Although, to their credit, that didn't stop them from selling out of vinyl!

What we have here is Death Metal for the sake of Death Metal. It's important to understand that  UNDEAD  are not interested in reinventing the genre for the next decade, they are only interested in honoring Death Metal's rituals and lore by creating audible horror complimented by visual dread. If not being innovative makes them 'run-of-the-mill' or 'stuff you've heard before' than I suggest you go listen to another type of music. If fans really were hungry for something super different there wouldn't be hundreds of Entombed clones that are doing well. Bands like UNDEAD do it out of pure love and passion for the music and are still able to put their own stamp on it without sounding like any clone. This is DEATH METAL for TRUE Death Metal fans!

You can check out  UNDEAD 's brand new video for their song  Masters of Mankind   today on  CVLT NATION !

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