Yanomamö release ‘Dig 2 Graves’ Tuesday August 3 2021, 5:49 PM
Yanomamö release ‘Dig 2 Graves’

Yanomamö have unleashed their new release ‘Dig 2 Graves’.
The sludge ridden doom outfit from Sydney, Australia offer an intense listening experience with their new track 'Dig 2 Graves'. 

The band comments:

“I’d had the main riff for about 2 years & I knew it was going to be a filthy groove … I couldn’t come up with anything to finish it off & then our drummer at the time Jack came up with the end riff which was a perfect match. I hope this song makes the listener feel like they’re being slowly dragged through thick mud … lyrically, I had the idea of a song about revenge and Scott (our singer) did an amazing job of capturing that” – Yanomamö

‘Dig 2 Graves’ drag you to the depths with demonic vocals. Solid distorted guitars form a wall of sound whilst bass motifs sneakily input a bluesy feel. Bringing a psychedelic groove into the mix, the track manipulates the heavy sound with a transportive nature transcending boundaries of genre and style. Fully immersed in void of dark imagery, Yanomamö evoke a haunting mood.

Yanomamö's track is due to release alongside Northern Irish outfit Slomatics as part of an epic collaboration on vinyl. The split 7” blue vinyl, releasing via Iommium Records, contains their tracks ‘Griefhound’ and ‘Dig 2 Graves’, on the 27th August 2021. 

Pre-order: https://yanomamo.bandcamp.com/


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yanomamo_sludge_ridden_doom/
Bandcamp: https://yanomamo.bandcamp.com/music

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