ROCK N ROLL ARMY - Don't Ya Treat Me Bad - Reviewed By Jenny Tate! Wednesday July 28 2021, 8:20 PM
ROCK N ROLL ARMY - Don't Ya Treat Me Bad - Reviewed By Jenny Tate!

ROCK N ROLL ARMY - Don't Ya Treat Me Bad - Reviewed By Jenny Tate ! Check it out here at this link:

A new, totally DIY release from Captain Marco Mendess (ex S.E.X. Department), of Rock ‘N’ Roll Army, entitled ‘Don’t Ya Treat Me Bad’ is out now.

‘DYTMB’ is the 2nd single from R’N’RA and is a brand-new, personalised style, CMM has termed, ‘black boogie’. It’s essentially, a meeting point between classic R&R and heavy metal, morphing into ‘Rockabilly for Vampires’.

The track’s lyrical contents are a request for the musician at the heart of it to be left alone and allowed to lead and control his own life, creating music.

RNRA’s mission statement says: ‘we are not a band, we are The Army Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, always operating for your favourite music.’

Don’t Ya Treat Me Bad – Very snazzy, electrifying intro, with lots of buzz. Drums merge neatly with the riffs and the boogie woogie piano’s very fitting for this style of track. Surprisingly high-pitched vocals. Very ‘Spirit Of Radio’-esque. A great melody and an altogether fun and upbeat track. Well arranged structures, featuring anthemic backing sections and a very hair/sleaze rock feel. Minimal synth effects and mainly, traditionally based, with a modern finish. It’s a catchy number, blending classic 90’s sounds, with newer flourishes. Ending on a very G’N’R’, ‘U’Y’I’ era piano tone. Production and sound quality, 100%. A lot of fans’ll latch onto this and it’s a cross-over genre sound, likely to prove highly popular.

10/10 ********** - Jenny Tate

Captain Marco Mendess ( ex S.E.X. Department ) is back with his new project ROCK N ROLL ARMY. 
The second single Don't ya treat me bad is out right now, entirely created, recorded, mixed and mastered by Captain Mendess, in an all new music style called "black boogie", conceived by himself. It's black colored Boogie Woogie, when classic Rock n Roll meets Heavy Metal and turns into Rockabilly for vampires. 

Don't ya treat me bad:
The song is about the musician who asks to be left alone to create his art and not to be constantly harassed by requests from other people around him who try to change his behavior and the course of his life.

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We are not a band, we are The Army of Rock n Roll always operating for you and your favorite music. 

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