New Promo: ROCK N ROLL ARMY - Don't ya treat me bad - (Hard Rock) Friday June 11 2021, 10:11 AM
New Promo: ROCK N ROLL ARMY - Don't ya treat me bad - (Hard Rock)

Captain Marco Mendess ( ex S.E.X. Department ) is back with his new project ROCK N ROLL ARMY. 
The second single Don't ya treat me bad is out right now, entirely created, recorded, mixed and mastered by Captain Mendess, in an all new music style called "black boogie", conceived by himself. It's black colored Boogie Woogie, when classic Rock n Roll meets Heavy Metal and turns into Rockabilly for vampires. 

Don't ya treat me bad:
The song is about the musician who asks to be left alone to create his art and not to be constantly harassed by requests from other people around him who try to change his behavior and the course of his life.

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We are not a band, we are The Army of Rock n Roll always operating for you and your favorite music. 

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