Germany's ERADICATOR to hold release show for new METALVILLE album on YouTube Wednesday July 21 2021, 9:39 PM
Germany's ERADICATOR to hold release show for new METALVILLE album on YouTube

For the release of their new studio album Influence Denied, out July 23rd via Metalville Records, German thrash institution Eradicator have come up with something very special.

Since the band unfortunately can't play a real release concert, the guys have decided to record a concert and stream it on YouTube on Thursday, July 22nd from 2 pm EST Of course, Eradicator will play songs from the new album, which will be heard for the first time like this. In addition, the band has come up with a special setlist with rarities and classics from their past. And of course, the musicians will take part in the live chat and are looking forward to discussing with the fans. So tune in! The link is here:

Influence Denied is the sovereign consequence of the previous long-players. The band's passionate claim to raise their music to a new level results in audible joy of playing and convincing compositions: Eradicator's new work combines the sound of the San Francisco Bay Area ala Testament or Death Angel and the Teutonic elemental force of German genre greats like Kreator or Destruction. Fused with the soul of the band, the result is a massive thrash metal concoction.

With incisively authentic thrash metal and equally perceptive song lyrics, they hold a mirror up to society on their new album. Encouraged to critical reflection and humility, there are no compromises musically, however, because Eradicator unpack the scantling.

The new tracks were produced together with Orden Ogan mastermind Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Asphyx, Brainstorm, Rhapsody of Fire, et. al.), who is also responsible for mixing and mastering. The cover illustration was penned by Mario Lopez

In the meantime, see & hear the previously revealed videos for "Driven by Illusion"  HERE  , "Echo Chamber"   HERE , and "Mondays for Murder"  HERE , all at  Eradicator 's official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

unnamed 1.jpg

Tracklisting for Eradicator (Germany)'s Influence Denied
1. Driven By Illusion
2. Hate Preach
3. Echo Chamber
4. Influence Denied
6. 5-0-1
7. Jackals To Chains
8. Mondays For Murder
9. Hypocrite
10. Descent Into Darkness
11. Anthropocene

Sebastian Stöber "Seba" - guitar / vocals
Sebastian Zoppe "Zoppe" - bass
Jan-Peter Stöber "Pitti" - drums
Robert Wied "Robb" - guitar

The Atomic Blast (2009)
Madness Is My Name (2012)
Slavery (2015)
Into Obliveon (2018)


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