VINCENT CROWLEY – “Beyond Acheron” - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Monday July 19 2021, 11:41 AM
VINCENT CROWLEY – “Beyond Acheron” - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

VINCENT CROWLEY – “Beyond Acheron” - Reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:,-vincent-crowley

For over thirty years he has linked his name to a well-known name of the extreme underground scene of the United States, that of the Black / Death Metal band Acheron, as a singer and leader; once the creature he created had disbanded, Vincent Crowley chose to continue the journey by putting himself alone and as a soloist - or at least as the leader of a band that bears his name - debuts today on Odium Records with an album with the clear title of "Beyond Acheron". In short, Crowley has gone beyond the Acheronte both metaphorically and artistically - overcoming the "death" of the previous band - and does so by taking up for the most part those malignant sounds that drew from the power and violence of the Death Metal of Deicide and Vital Remains and from the 'mystical' atmospheres of the Mediterranean Black scene, Rotting Christ in the first place. Aaron Werner's keyboards also help in this regard, as we can hear in the 'sacred' atmospheres (sort of ...) that are given to the very good "My Eternal Vow". Crowley - here accompanied by Art Taylor (ex-Acheron) and Ryan Arter (ex-Blood Coven) - also for the greater atmospheric imprint of this new solo adventure sounds seems to prefer more cadenced tones, however sharp and full of good melodies, to the tout court shots that are expected from the genre, limiting itself to a few but well incisive accelerated, see in the final part of the other single "La Muerte" with that not even so vague thrashy aftertaste. "Beyond Acheron" will easily meet the favors of those who already listened to and appreciated the deceased Acheron, or of those who - expanding the "catchment area" - is a fan of the occult Greek legend (we are talking about the Rotting Christ, who if not?). For Vincent Crowley a full sufficiency in his first solo work: it does not add or detract from the genre, resulting in a discreet listening while not making the miracle cry. - All Around Metal

ODIUM RECORDS proudly announces the premiere of the debut album of an underground
legend VINCENT CROWLEY “Beyond Acheron".

Released July 9, 2021

FFO: Acheron, Mayhem, Celtic Frost

You can listen to the blelow!

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After 30 years of fronting Black / Death Metal underground legends ACHERON, lead vocalist Vincent Crowley put the group to the rest to pursue a solo career with the new band - VINCENT CROWLEY. Back from the blacked Abyss, this new musical entity veers to a different dark path from his past work. Instead, the material is influenced by all kinds of metal music and is hard to be automatically lumped into any certain genre. Along with their macabre music, a visual stage - show of horror is planned for live performances. 

VINCENT CROWLEY is trying to bring back the feel of days of the underground that wasn't limited and constricted to one music genre. Fans of ACHERON, BLACK SABBATH, BATHORY, MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND, TROUBLE, CELTIC FROST, CANDLEMASS, and even DANZIG could all enjoy this new band. 

“Beyond Acheron” was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios with Joe Viers as a producer. This 8-track album has a dark sound while maintaining a great production. 
Lyrically, “Beyond Acheron” is a conceptional album. It climbs the rungs of the latter of death. From beginning to end it takes the listener on a ghastly journey with somber tales of doom, casting a Poe-esque shadow. 

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